This Furniture Mistake Can Ruin Your Small Space Layout, According to Genevieve Gorder

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Throughout her time on Trading Spaces and Stay Here, celebrity designer Genevieve Gorder has taken on everything from tiny wine country bungalows to vintage houseboats. In other words, the girl really knows her stuff when it comes to decorating for itty-bitty accommodations.

And the essential component to nailing a small space layout? Picking the right furnishings to anchor it, of course. When we chatted with Gorder at a recent Allstate press event, she was keen to share her best piece of furniture-buying wisdom, when dealing with square footage issues: buying bigger furniture. 

Umm, what? You heard the woman—contrary as it may sound, small furnishings will feel even dinkier in a small room. On the flip side, opting for furnishings that fit and fill out the space will create both balance and dimension. “Use full-size furniture and decor pieces, and make sure to edit down your clutter!" Gorder implored us. "Small area rugs and sofas will actually make a space feel smaller—trust!"

So there you have it: an excuse to upgrade from your tush-squishing love seat. 


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