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Hooray! You just moved into a new rental apartment. Gulp. Now it's time to decorate the joint. 

But wait: While your first instinct may be to buy furniture that fits that particular space—and doesn't cost you a fortune—that's actually a money-wasting strategy in the long run. What you should do instead: Invest in quality furnishings that you can take with you (and that make your temporary home look like a real grown-up lives there!). 

How to do it? Go big. (Think: A six-seater dining table or a full-size couch.) “If a standard-size sofa fits in your apartment, it will surely fit in your house some day,” explains NYC-based designer Tharon Anderson. "So don’t waste money and displeasure on a lumpy, apartment-size sofa that will only last a few years.”

(Bonus points: Larger furnishings will actually make a space feel bigger.) 

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