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Your home looks amazing. But something is off. Perhaps you need a quick 101 in feng shui, the Chinese philosophy that says every object in our home has chi (an energetic charge). With thoughtful placement of these items, our lives can be more peaceful, richer and healthier.

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UnderBed 1380x678

For Better Dreams

Don’t store anything under the bed, otherwise the disarray will make it hard for you to fall asleep. And once you do, anything stressful—work notes, files full of tax returns or yearbooks full of regrettable haircuts best forgotten—could influence your dreams.

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Get Richer

Living greenery is said to encourage growth and prosperity. So in a corner, where energy is said to stagnate, plop a lush houseplant and get ready for payday.

BedWall 1380x678

To Worry Less

Feng shui rules advise against your bed backing onto a window, since that’s where energy enters and exits, i.e., doesn’t rest. Instead put your bed against a wall, which gives a feeling of support and protection.

Toilet 1380x678

Start Saving Money

Water = Wealth in the feng shui belief system, and an open toilet lid is sucking your earning power away with every flush. Make a habit of shutting the lid…and besides, it’s just more polite.

feng shui replacement
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Hello, Big Promotion

Want to move forward in your career? Clean up the clutter. Disorganization and masses of little piles of stuff block energy from flowing freely around the room; conversely, a rollicking current of chi is rocket fuel for your space shot.

Closet 1380x678
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To Feel Less Irritable

Even when clutter is out of sight, it’s still clogging your energy, and opening those closet doors (or even entering your walk-in space, you lucky duck) can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and confused. Want to smile more? Clean out your closet.

Office2 1380x678

Get Super-Productive

In your home or office work space, move your desk away from facing a wall (hey, it’s space-saving, we get it). Have it face out toward the center of the room, toward a door if there is one. You’ll be better able to concentrate and have more creativity.

ROundTable 1380x678

Make Peace in the Family

Stop fighting and starting flowing. Replace your square or rectangular coffee table with a round or oval one, as this travel-loving couple did. The idea here is that energy moves more easily around curves, and that room occupants feel calmer without sharp corners pointing at them.

Mantel 1380x678

Improve Your Luck

If feng shui had a good luck charm, it would be the mirror. They are said to circulate energy, double your abundance and, when hung over a fireplace (which is said to let energy leach out of our homes via the chimney), they bounce energy right back in.

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