Parents and #CleanTok Lovers Alike Are Stocking Up on This 2023 Product of the Year

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McKenzie Cordell

The biggest thing parents and the cleaning-obsessed on TikTok have in common? They love the ultra-satisfying feeling that comes with knowing their homes are clean in every sense of the word (disinfected and free of harsh chemical smells). It’s why both sets (which are often one and the same) are reaching for FamilyGuard™ Brand, one of the 2023 Products of the Year.*

Not only are FamilyGuard™ Brand products gentle enough for daily disinfection (go ahead, use them on everything from kids’ play tables and toys** to kitchen counters and bathroom sinks), they come in two varieties to suit your preferences: FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Cleaner and FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Spray.

FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Spray is even made to be used on 100+ surfaces***, including where kids and pets play, and both options kill 99.9 percent of household germs when used as directed. FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Cleaner also quickly cuts through dirt, dust, grease and grime while working to kill odor-causing bacteria—all in your choice of two gratifying scents: Citrus and Fresh. Just remember to always follow label directions, and consult this full list of approved and prohibited surfaces.

The Products

FamilyGuard™ Brand
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FamilyGuard™ Brand
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Here’s what the fans have to say:

Team FamilyGuard™ Brand

“FamilyGuard™ Brand saving the day.”

“I have three kids, which means my house gets messy every single day...[FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Cleaner] kills 99.99 percent of germs yet is still safe to use daily.”

“I have peace of mind knowing all their toys have been disinfected for play, and it’s gentle enough for daily use. With the help of FamilyGuard™ Brand, we’re able to say yes to more playtime.”

“Even though my babies keep me busy, I always have time to spray after play because it’s such a quick and convenient disinfectant…Huge bonus that it smells so pleasant too.”

*Winner in Home Cleaning Category. Survey of 40,000 people by Kantar. Visit to learn more

**Rinse with potable water after disinfecting

***See for full list of surfaces