We Just Discovered FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Products and Here’s Why We’re Stocking Up

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FamilyGuard™ Brand

Here at PureWow, we’re no strangers to making a mess of our home in the name of product testing. Just ask our food editor, who regularly destroys her kitchen while sampling every cake mix, cookie dough and fleeting food trend she can get her hands on. So, it’s only fitting that we’re always cleaning up after ourselves. And when it comes to getting the job done quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently, there are few products that fit the bill. Two of our recent finds that passed the test? FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Cleaner and FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Spray.

The Products

FamilyGuard™ Brand
familyguard brand disinfectant cleaner
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FamilyGuard™ Brand
familyguard brand disinfectant spray
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What They Do

Made for use on 100+ surfaces*, including where kids and pets play, FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of household germs when used as directed. (Psst, always follow label directions.) The disinfectant cleaner also quickly cuts through dirt, dust, grease and grime, while both work to kill odor causing bacteria.

Why We Love Them

Voted 2023 Products of the Year, FamilyGuard™ Brand products are gentle enough for daily disinfection. We love that it can be used on everything from kids’ play tables and toys** to kitchen counters and bathroom sinks (aka all the highly trafficked areas and items in your home). See here for a full list of approved and prohibited surfaces. The versatility of the cleaner is what we love best: A cleaner and disinfectant in one, it can be used on all the spots your family touches most.

What Reviewers Have to Say

One Amazon fan says, “I love how gentle this disinfectant is. I have four kids and two cats, so I am always looking for something that is gentle on toys** and surfaces as we are constantly disinfecting our household. The smell is great and fresh, it doesn’t leave an awful aerosol smell behind, and it can be used on multiple surfaces, except real leather—don't use it on that.” (A friendly reminder to check the approved list of surfaces before you spray.)

Another reviewer recommends keeping FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Spray in a classroom or office space, “I loved the scent! I got two cans, and they really go a long way. It’s great to keep in the office or in your class if you are a teacher.”

As for FamilyGuard™ Brand Disinfectant Cleaner, the fragrance is also a big selling point. “Love the fragrance, no fume cleaning!” says one Amazon reviewer.

How We Chose

Our top considerations are: effectiveness, value (not just price, but what you get for your dollar), quality, scent and ease of use. If it reduces our overall scrubbing and leaves our space gleaming—without killing our wallets—it’s a win in our book.

Where to Buy

FamilyGuard™ Brand products are available at big box stores, like Walmart and Target, or can be delivered to your door via Amazon.

*See for full list of surfaces
**Rinse with potable water after disinfecting

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