8 Gifts for Moms Who Always Read the Ingredients Label

When it comes to doing things better, your mom wins the gold every time. Which is why she’s all over the product-conscious movement that’s sweeping the nation. We teamed up with The Body Shop to offer up a list of gifts with good-for-you and good-for-the-globe ingredients perfect for Mother’s Day. Just don’t forget the recyclable wrapping paper, OK?

the body shop british rose set
The Body Shop

A Rose-scented Bath (set)

From shower gel and body yogurt to body butter and scrub, the intoxicating British Rose Ultimate Collection from The Body Shop has it all—including an eau de toilette as the cherry (or rose, in this case) on top. Each luxurious texture is infused with real rose petals and will leave her feeling her best, not to mention looking her best, thanks to her new velvety smooth and visibly glowing skin.

Oh, and the rose essence is sustainably sourced from Blue Sky Botanics in Herefordshire, England. Coupled with The Body Shop’s ethical promise, this gift is perfect for moms who love a scent-driven self-care moment. Psst, it can only be purchased in-store, so run (don't walk) to one near you and get 30% off all gifts.

cork yoga mat
42 Birds

A Cork Yoga Mat

Whether your mom is a bona fide yogi or likes to do her stretches in front of the TV, this ultralight yet dense mat made of sustainable cork will leave her all smiles. It has a nonslip surface and natural antimicrobial properties that resist mold, mildew and bad smells.

green pan frying pans

Nontoxic Frying Pans

It matters what your pots and pans are made of—especially when they get overheated. Heat = the release of nasty chemicals that can seep into your food if your cookware is made from the wrong stuff. Refresh your mom’s stove top with a set of two frying pans crafted with durable stainless steel and special Thermolon Minerals that never release fumes or toxins, no matter what.

the body shop drops of youth
The Body Shop

A Youth-enhancing Serum

Your mom is already embracing the beauty that comes with her age, so why not show it off? The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Concentrate is a quick-absorbing nonsticky serum that leaves skin feeling smooth, moisturized, luminous and bouncy. Help clean up Mom’s beauty routine with this 99% natural, silicone- and paraben-free little luxury. The joy she’ll feel from her tighter pores and smoother lines will be second only to the happiness she’ll get from knowing it’s made with plant cells from Italian edelweiss and French sea holly.


A Sustainable Soy Candle

So what if candles have a reputation as a white-label gift? You and your mom’s love of sweet-smelling goodness is strong and it’s true, and it’ll run even deeper when she gets her hands on this sustainable soy coconut wax. The Meadow scent is elegant and floral, in addition to being natural and clean burning (topped off with a non-lead wick).

Skylar ($38)


Locally Sourced Sandals

The materials for these chic spring sandals are sourced locally in Europe near the brand’s small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. And if the ethical and environmental responsibility doesn’t woo your mother, the soft rose-gold suede certainly will.

Coclico ($350)

tushy gift bundle

A Better Bathroom Experience

Did you know Americans collectively use 10 billion pounds of toilet paper every year? That’s 15 million trees straight down the toilet. We bet your mom knew that. Which is why we’re also betting she’ll love this eco-friendly, modern bidet attachment set that’s just as good for Mother Earth’s hygiene as it is her own. The special Mother’s Day bundle includes a white and silver bidet attachment, a pack of five bamboo bum towels and two bamboo bath towels. Pair this gift with a nice bouquet of tulips for good measure.

moso air purifying bag
Moso Natural

An Air Purifying Bag

Sounds random, but think about it: Everyone hates the bad smells that inevitably creep up around the house thanks to stinky shoes, leaky basements, you name it. And fridge odors? They’re the most offensive of all (it’s supposed to be a safe space!). Because your mom’s is no exception, she’ll appreciate a practical gift like this stitched linen bag that’s longer lasting and more powerful than baking soda. It works like magic to soak up smells in your fridge for up to two years (whoa).