How to Create a Totally One-of-a-Kind Personalized Bookcase with EQ3

Furniture is not cheap—at least, not the good stuff you can move without worrying it will suddenly snap. And finding pieces that fit both our space and needs isn’t the easiest task to complete via screen. Life would be soooo much easier if we could have furniture custom made, but we typically file that under “Out of the Question.”

At least, we did until we discovered this wonderful, game-changing customizable bookcase from the Canadian home design brand EQ3.

diy bookcase from eq3 and modsy
Sarah Jacobs

Instead of one structured bookcase, EQ3 offers three different sized boxes that can be stacked in an infinite number of configurations, coming together to create the look of one chic staggered piece that is the exact width or height needed with equally ideal storage room.

When designing the space for our new Glow Up beauty series, senior beauty editor Jenny Jin knew she wanted something she could really make her own but that she could easily move around or switch up when she wanted to. And the flexible furniture has actually caught the eyes of Jenny’s fellow editors—even those not on their own film set.

how to create your own bookcase with eq3
Sarah Jacobs

Once you have your modules picked out, all that’s left is the fun part: decorate and organize to your heart’s content. Add a few vases in warm rose and blush tones, display trinkets in an ornamental tray or, in Jenny’s case, display your favorite beauty products.

Feeling bored with your decor? Just remix the boxes into a new configuration, and voilà! A whole new look without the usual headache that tends to accompany redecorating efforts.



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