How to Prep for a Spring Party in Under an Hour

With the promise of summer days ahead and color, color everywhere!, no season calls for celebration quite like spring does. Which is why we’re feeling extra inspired to whip up an easy, festive get-together. Psst: All you really need to pull off the fete of the season is one hour and these five simple (yet totally fabulous) touches.

flatware and linen napkins
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Spruce Your Surfaces

First up: a little tidying. Spend five minutes wiping down countertops and tables, plumping cushions and hiding away any miscellaneous junk. As a final flourish, we recommend dressing up your serving spaces with linens. A tablecloth draped over the dining table—and the addition of cloth napkins—instantly creates the feel of a special occasion.

glade plugin scented oils

Create Ambience With Scent

So what if you don’t have time to whip up a full decor scheme for this impromptu fete? Allow the power of scent to do some heavy lifting. Take, for example, the sleek new Glade® Plugins® Scented Oils, which you can adjust to the precise range and strength of your choosing. An elegant and rich fragrance—like Amber & Oud™—will create the kind of warm, festive atmosphere that lends itself to intimate conversation and guests happily lingering for hours.

bottles in ice bucket
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Set And Forget The Bar

When time is of the essence, an easy-to-assemble self-serve bar is your best bet. Our advice? First, find a big, pretty vessel (think an antique punch bowl) and fill it with ice. Next, pop in some beverages for your guests. (For a smaller gathering, sparkling water, beer and wine make for a winning combo.) For extra classy points, set out some lemon and lime wedges and cocktail napkins.

charcuterie plate
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Garnish Your Offerings

A few simple snacks, whether sourced from the fridge or bought in a jiffy, can be kicked up a notch with fancy “packaging.” Translation: A wedge of cheese looks ten times snazzier when sliced thin, drizzled in honey and served with textural elements like fruit or olives. Same goes for nibbles like nuts or potato chips: Add a fresh sprinkling of sea salt and a sprig of rosemary and those pantry standbys will look totally artisanal—honest.

place setting from above
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Forage For Florals

If you don’t have time to run to the florist, remember this: You can and should use spring’s bounty to your advantage. Snip some blooms or flowering branches from the backyard and put them in a vase. Or heck, why not repurpose some of your potted plants as impromptu tabletop decor? Look at that: You’re ready for company.


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