5 Easy Living Room Upgrades to Add That Finishing Touch

Let’s face it: These four walls have been our constant companion for the past few months. While we haven’t gone full “TikTok” by painting a cool mural or building our own coffee table (...yet), we have had plenty of time to scrutinize every aspect of our interior...and realized our space was lacking that little extra oomph. Whether you want to spruce up your current decor or are starting over from scratch, here are five easy ways to add a finishing touch to your common area.

living room finishing touch plants
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1. Incorporate Plants...and Keep Them Dust-free

Add pops of green to your space in the form of potted plants. Not only do they help purify the air and increase oxygen levels in the room, certain species are also thought to boost your mood and help you get a better night’s sleep. And if you’re convinced you have a black thumb, fret not. Try a (I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-real) faux plant or a bouquet subscription. Just don’t forget to spring clean your soil children by wiping their leaves every so often, lest dust and grime build-up prevent transpiration and make them look dull.

living room finishing touch glade
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2. Pick A Signature Scent

One thing we always notice about the most luxuriously furnished homes? They have a signature smell. And that scent pervades every memory of the space. You can do the same in your own home by lighting a candle that emits the exact feeling you want people to have when they walk into the room, like the Glade® Exotic Tropical Blossoms™ 3-Wick Candle. Infused with essential oils, the scent is an addictive bouquet of uplifting monoi blossom and soothing jasmine. It’s the perfect way to “top off” the room.

living room finishing touch vignette

3. Create Vignettes With Accessories

Instead of just scattering your knicknacks on bookshelves at random, upgrade your shelving units by creating intentional “vignettes”—groups of books and accessories that pair well together or tell a story. Whether it’s travel, photography or art, grouping items with a cohesive aesthetic will feel more purposeful and less cluttered.

living room finishing touch wall art

4. Hang Appropriately Sized Art On Bare Walls (and Clean It Often)

Hanging on to art that’s too big for your space, too small for the wall or prints that you’re completely sick of? Upgrade with something new (and well-sized). Remember to hang each piece at eye level so it’s not too high or too low. Then, add “clean art frames” to your weekly to-do list so the piece stays bright and dust-free.

living room finishing touch windows
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5. Carefully Consider Window Dressings

Bare windows leave a room feeling unfinished. Of course, not every window has to have a full set of remote-controlled shades covered by an upholstered cornice or flap valance. But a simple set of linen drapes or even a sheer curtain can add softness and polish to any space. Just don’t forget the number 1 curtain tip: Hang those bad boys as close to your ceiling as possible to add height and depth to the room.


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