The Best Combo for a Deep Clean? A Deep House Playlist and These Tried-and-True Products

Okay, we’ve got a very serious and important question to ask. When you clean, do you:

A) Use your mop as a dance partner

B) Wipe down your bathroom mirror to the beat

C) Drop it low to scrub the bathtub

D) All of the above

To be fair, it was kind of a trick question. Because no matter which answer you chose, it means you’re officially part of the #CleaningMusic community, and we’re so happy to have you. Because life—especially cleaning the bathroom—is more fun when it’s set to a soundtrack, right?

The latest #CleaningMusic trend we’re seeing? A deep house, deep clean routine—deep house music paired with the most effective deep cleaning products: Scrubbing Bubbles® and Windex®. The combo is perfect for tackling a quick clean, before having guests over, or whenever you need that mood-boost only a clean house can provide. Nothing amps you up quite like a sick bass drop, and it’s especially satisfying when you’re also cleaning with effective products. Creators on TikTok agree.

Take it from Annie Tran: Scrubbing Bubbles® powers through tough soap scum and grime to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the bathroom. Use it on bathtubs, shower doors and walls, sinks, bathroom countertops, etc. It removes surface dirt and restores shine without leaving any harsh smells behind. Basically, it works hard so you can you use this time to focus more on the dancing than the cleaning. We love to see it.

Windex®, another favorite among the #DeepHouseDeepClean fam, isn’t just for windows, though it leaves those streak-free and sparkling. It can also be used on mirrors, glass, glass doors, glass shower doors, microwave doors, glass tables, glass frames and décor (whew). It gets rid of dirt, grime, fingerprints and messes for an unbeatable shine.

Look, you are your own main character and we think it’s time you brought that energy back into everyday tasks like cleaning. So whether you’re looking to spice up your cleaning routine or you’ve just recently experienced the power of deep house music, you’re going to love the feeling you get from a #DeepHouseDeepClean with these products below. And if you’re inspired to make your own TikTok showing off your moves, more power to you.

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