2 Laundry Room Decor Ideas That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Space

Laundry: We know, not the most glamorous task in the world. But the way we see it, that truism should be even more incentive to make the space special. Whether you’re working with a closet, a mudroom hybrid or designated chamber (lucky duck, you), here’s how to luxe up your setup with two incredibly simple laundry room decor ideas.

Help! My Washing Machine Smells

1. Upgrade Your Laundry Baskets

Plastic bins and hampers? Nylon laundry bags? It’s no wonder laundry day bums you out so damn much. Swap out your eyesore gear for pretty woven or canvas options, and the room will immediately feel less utility, more warm-and-homey (like this gorgeous setup designed by Amber Interiors). Bonus points: They’re endlessly versatile; you can also use ‘em as chic camouflage for your detergent, dryer sheets and stain fighters.

Get the look: Shoppe by Amber Interiors baskets ($288 for three)

2. Add Some Plant Life

Scientifically speaking, plants are proven mood boosters. Aesthetically speaking, they take a room from forgotten to cared-for. In the laundry room especially, we love fresh greenery in a space dedicated to fresh linens. Add a potted plant (or perky cut greens in a vase) to your shelving, sink area or heck, atop your washer itself. Not that this stunning space by Studio LIFE/STYLE needs upgrading—but just look at the impact these simple palm fronds add. This simple decor combo makes a world of difference no matter your template.

Get the look: The Sill monstera leaves ($48 for 12)


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