The Dash Air Fryer That’s Been Sitting in Your Amazon Cart Is Only $40 Right Now

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An air fryer has been sitting in your Amazon cart for weeks, but you haven’t committed. What’s the real reason you’ve been denying yourself of the crispiest fries, crunchiest chicken fingers and best homemade potato chips you could ever make? Air fryers are a breeze to use and clean, plus they allow to you to whip up your favorite fried foods without using a single drop of oil. And now, thanks to an epic Amazon Prime Day sale, the Dash Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer is 33 percent off, meaning it’s finally time to add this appliance to your collection.

Marked down from $60 to $40, this Dash model has a nonstick fry basket that’s wider than many competitors; it can fit up to 2.6 quarts of food. The basket’s larger surface area means that foods like chicken nuggets, fish sticks and veggies have more space to crisp up to perfection without turning soggy from overlapping.

Even better, its design allows hot air to circulate rapidly around the basket, which cooks the food in no time. This is how you can pull off fries and other crispy goodies in minutes with up to 75 percent less fat. (The basket also comes complete with a timer and an auto-shutoff feature for safety.)

We also love how compact and lightweight this smaller Dash model is. It’s great for cramped apartment kitchens or even traveling and camping. But the best part is hands-down the assortment of colors it comes in: Choose from traditional black, grey or white, or add a pop of brightness to your kitchen by opting for an aqua, red or teal model. Whichever you choose, we’ll meet you at your place for dinner.

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