Cyber Monday Shopping? Here Are 6 Handy Household Items to Snag for the Holidays

Sure, you could snag that expensive sweater you’ve been eyeing when it goes on sale for Cyber Monday. Or you could put it on your wish list and stock up on important holiday necessities instead, like these six household items that we can pretty much guarantee will come in super handy once December rolls around. Holiday headache? Not in your house.

ziploc cyber monday freezer bags
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1. Ziploc® Brand Freezer Bags

What do cookie swaps, holiday parties and office gift exchanges have in common? They all require baking, food storage and transport. Which means stocking your kitchen with Ziploc® Brand Freezer Bags—a crucial holiday staple—is an absolute must. Use them to store pie dough; the Grip n' Seal technology makes it easier to open and close the bag while blocking out air to lock in freshness (no freezer burn here). Or create individualized bags for gifting your treats; you can trust the secure sealing and extended textured tab for a nonslip grip, even if your hands get wet or greasy. Then, when you clean up, use Ziploc® Brand Freezer Bags to store your leftover sprinkles and supplies.

baking dishes1
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2. Baking Dishes

A glass dish encrusted with last year’s casserole burn marks doesn’t elicit quite the same joyous feeling as a fresh gleaming piece fit for a dinner table. This year, treat yourself to a new dish or two, specifically keeping an eye out for themed bundt or springform pans with holiday molds. Those can be pricey—unless you score them on major sale during Cyber Monday.

candles of all sorts1
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3. Candles Of All Sorts

Tapered, tealight, scented…Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to affordably stockpile whichever type of candle (if not all) you tend to employ during the holiday season. Because if you’re anything like us, you burn through them pretty quickly as soon as the weather starts hinting at frost.

gift wrapping supplies1
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4. Gift Wrapping Supplies

Grab the rolls of snowman paper, yes, but don’t forget the other staples of a festive gift wrap: bows and tape. The two things you can never have enough of—not only for holiday gifting, but also for birthdays—yet the two things you always forget to pick up from the store, right? Skip the hassle that happens when you sit down to wrap and realize your roll is empty and all your old bows are crushed, and add them to cart with your other discounted wins.

twinkle lights
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5. Twinkle Lights

We don’t have to explain to you the frustration of untangling an entire strand of lights, only to realize a key few are burned out. Or better yet, heading to the store for more last minute and encountering a totally picked over holiday aisle. Think ahead and grab a few fresh strands on sale before you need them, so that when the time comes to hang ‘em up, it’s all hot cocoa and fun tunes by the fire vs. swearing under your breath in a crowded parking lot.

towels and sheets
Getty Images/Ruthsarintre Pattarapongpatch/EyeEm

6. Towels And Sheets

Worn-out linens don’t make the best impression on holiday guests. So if you know in your heart it’s time to retire your old sets, but you haven’t justified it to yourself quite yet, look no further than Cyber Monday sales to make your case. Bed and bath is always discounted big, so splurge on some soft new guest room supplies for your most welcoming hosting move yet.

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