10 Cute Dog Accessories That Are Too Good to Pass Up

What’s cuter than a puppy with floppy ears chasing her tail? A puppy with floppy ears chasing her tail in an argyle sweater. Sometimes dog accessories are so cute they make us stop mid-scroll to daydream about our fur babies in a bow tie. We can’t help it! We also can’t wait to buy everything on this list. 


1. Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

If you have a pup that eats her dinner in less than a minute, you need to reconsider her food bowl. The playful, maze-like construction of this one will encourage your doggo to eat at a much slower pace, helping with issues like digestion and bloating. And how cute is it in teal?

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2. Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Dog And Cat Water Fountain

This one is more of a tech accessory than a cute one, but it’s still cool nonetheless. This automatic water fountain provides fresh filtered water through various falling streams. Go on, they deserved to be spoiled. 

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3. Pet Zone Deluxe Stainless Steel Bowl

Food and water bowls don’t have to be boring. Opt for colorful stainless steel versions that’ll add a pop of color to your kitchen.

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4. Pet Champion Step-in Harness In Pink Camo

Camo has been having a resurgence among human fashionistas, so why not extend it to canines? This harness has a step-in design, making the putting-it-on-the-dog process super simple.

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5. Van Ness Large Pet Dinner Mat

Things can get real messy when it comes to your pet’s dining area. Spilled kibble here, water splashes there. Keep your floors clean with this brightly colored dinner mat. It has a raised border to keep things contained, it’s dishwasher safe and it has an adorable animal pattern. 

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6. Doskocil Products Ap Paws Plastic Food & Water Mat

Or, if you want something even more colorful, try this pawprint-patterned plastic mat. 

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7. Drew Barrymore Flower Home Wood Pet Bed

Accessories definitely include beds—or should we say thrones? This regal piece is made of eco-friendly engineered wood and suits dogs (the real kings and queens of your castle) up to 75 pounds.

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8. Drew Barrymore Flower Home Wood Pet Bed

Marble print doesn’t fit your (ahem, Luke’s) style? Opt for this pattern instead. 

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9. Richell Convertible Elite Four-panel Pet Gate

Pet gates, crates and pens don’t have to be complete eye sores. This one has beautiful hardwood so you don’t have to sacrifice your decor for an effective dog zone divider.

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10. Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket For Dogs

Much like kids, dogs can feel anxious in certain situations, like traveling, going to the vet or, as the name suggests, thunderstorms. This jacket acts like a swaddle in that it applies gentle, constant pressure to help calm their nerves and fears. Imagine how cute little Remy will look in it too. 

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