Thanks to The Freestyle by Samsung, “Cozy Movie Night” Is the Latest TikTok Aesthetic We’re Loving

Cottagecore, Light Academia, Emo, Guy Fiericore (oh yea, that’s a thing): TikTok has become a haven for highly stylized visual themes—both new and nostalgic—known as “aesthetics.” And the latest one we’re loving is probably the most delightfully indulgent one yet.

We’re talking about “Cozy Movie Night,” an aesthetic that’s all about turning a room in your house into the plushest, snuggliest, most snack-filled oasis possible for hunkering down and watching a movie. It’s dreamy and transportive, and the key factor in this trend is The Freestyle by Samsung.

It’s a portable lifestyle screen that allows you to play content—from movies to cool graphics—on any surface, automatically auto-focusing and optimizing screen size to fit your space. It has premium 360 sound and you can access all of your favorite streaming apps. Basically, it has a lot of the same perks as a Samsung Smart TV, but is more like a lightweight (less than two pounds!) on-the-go version you can toss in your backpack and set up anywhere. And really, is there anything cozier than watching a familiar old movie projected larger than life on the wall with your bestie on one side and a bowl of cheesy popcorn on the other? We don’t think so.

The Freestyle is perfect for birthday parties, playing video games, tailgating and more—basically, it’s a creator’s dream and is already one of the hottest tech items of 2022. But right now, you can find us living out our best Cozy Movie Night aesthetic, just like an influencer.

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