21 Coffee Station Ideas For The Ultimate At-Home Brew

For java lovers everywhere, a killer at-home coffee station is not a want but a need. According to a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, 64 percent of Americans consume coffee on a daily basis, with 79 percent of those surveyed reporting that that coffee was brewed in the comfort of their own home (sorry, Starbucks). So when it comes to creating the ultimate coffee space, where should you begin? Whether you’re a long-time coffee devotee looking to upgrade your personal setup or someone who's been missing their daily trips to the local café, we put together 21 coffee station ideas that will make your at-home brewing experience all the more luxe.

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Go Coffeehouse Chic

1. Chalk it up

There’s something so effortlessly cozy about a chalkboard-covered café wall. To bring some of that coffeehouse charm to your own setup, consider hanging up a chalkboard or painting your wall with chalkboard paint. Not only does it instantly warm up the space, it also gives you an excuse to curate your own delicious daily specials.

2. Hang wooden shelves

Another element that instantly comes to mind when thinking about a café is wood. From countertops to tables, it’s hard to think of a coffee shop without at least one wood feature to its decór scheme. The easiest way to add some wood to your setup? A gorgeous set of shelves! Design + storage = win-win.

3. Add in a (tiny) reading nook

The best kind of coffeehouses are the ones where you can chill out with a good read (after all, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a good book and a hot cup of joe). So when thinking about accents for your station, consider adding some beautifully bound books for ultimate coffee shop feel.

4. Include a stylish speaker

To really bring it home, you’ll need a sleek Bluetooth speaker. Why? To play your favorite coffeehouse jams, of course! After all, what’s a trip to a café without being serenaded by Norah Jones or Jack Johnson at least once?

Stock Up On Appliances

5. Make your coffee pot the focal point

It is the star of the space, after all, so you might as well go for a fun coffee pot. Whether you prefer a traditional drip, pour-over coffee or your favorite single-serve pod, a coffee maker is the most essential part of any home coffee station setup. (How cute is this aqua retro number, BTW?)

6. Upgrade your skills with an espresso maker

Prefer your java a bit stronger? Go all out and pick up a state of the art espresso maker. A must-have for any true coffee aficionado, an expertly crafted espresso maker will also make a great focal element. (We love this classic Nespresso machine.)

7. Top things off with a tea kettle

While you might be building a coffee station, chances are you or someone in your household enjoys a nice cup of tea every now and again. Make brewing up a classic cuppa easy with a chic electric tea kettle.

Let Your Station Make A Bold, Colorful Statement

8. Paint an accent wall

While warm, neutral colors are where most people's minds go when designing their coffee stations, for those with a more colorful palette, consider an accent wall. The perfect way to customize your station, it’s also a great option for indecisive designers. After all, you can easily paint it a different color next year, if you realize you're no longer a millennial-pink person.

9. Work in pops of color

Another great way to incorporate some color into your design is with colorful furniture. Think of striving for a 60/30/10 mix: Maybe your accent wall takes up 60 percent of the station in one color, making that your primary color. Then work in 30 percent of the items in a secondary color, and 10 percent in a third shade. Statement shelves, a bold set of chairs, or a funky cake stand or set of mugs are all ways to find that 30 percent. Then, for the final 10 percent...

10. Ditch basic black appliances

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to liven up a coffee station is with colorful appliances. Ditch the black and stainless steel coffee pots! Companies like KitchenAid, Bialetti and Le Creuset offer coffee makers, grinders and espresso cups in an ever-growing range of hues, so you can create a coordinating set—or choose contrasting colors for a bigger visual impact.

Get Creative With Cup Storage

11. Hang your mugs

Our favorite ways to store mugs? Hang them! Whether directly on a set of wall hooks (like this awesome Etsy find) or beneath some shelving, hanging your mugs will not only create some authentic coffeehouse ambiance, it’ll help clear some valuable counter space.

12. Stack your mugs

By stacking your mugs one on top of each other, you can add an easy to maintain whimsical look to any coffee setup.

13. Display mugs front and center

If you have just a few cups—say, 10 or less—consider placing them in rows, with each cup upside-down (so they don't collect dust) on an open shelf. It'll really bring that coffeehouse vibe, particularly if your mugs are all fairly similar in color and style.

Get Funky With Furniture

14. Use a kitchen cart

For some people, kitchen carts are where they store their pans, their baking supplies and even some appliances. However, kitchen carts work for more than just storage—they make great coffee stations, too. With all your machinery and coffee essentials in one place, kitchen carts are a great way to keep your coffee must-haves organized. Best of all, with a mobile kitchen cart, you can wheel your station about, making for a fun party trick when you roll out table-side service.

15. Repurpose a dresser or armoire

For the über-crafty, consider repurposing an old piece of furniture. Maybe it’s an old armoire you were considering donating or a dresser that no longer fits your aesthetic. With a simple paint job, new hardware and some rearranging, you’ll be able to give your old furniture a new life instantly. Not so crafty? Etsy is full of upcycled designs others have created, like the armoire-turned-bar above.

16. Take it out of the kitchen

Who said a coffee station had to be in the kitchen? Perfect in hallways and dining rooms, too, consider creating a dedicated area for your fave drinks. This also means that gorgeous cabinet in your dining room can now hold more than just a vase and fresh flowers.

Add Some Storage

17. Pick up some decorative storage containers

When it comes to storing things like coffee, tea, sugar and espresso, keeping them in the containers they came in just creates a messy look, making the area feel more cluttered than it actually is. Instead, opt for some stylish ceramic containers or clear jars to show off the goods. (These glass-and-wood containers are our fave.)

18. Organize those pods

If you’re a K-Cup or Nespresso fan, you know how annoying it can be to deal with storing extra pods. Luckily, you have some options. While storing them in a cabinet (out of sight, out of mind) is the easiest way to go, to keep them close at hand, consider a spinning pod stand. This way your pods will never be out of reach and your counter space will have a chic new decór element

19. Buy an accessory holder

To make your coffee station feel like the real thing, an accessory holder is the way to go. Look for an organizer that can hold everything from napkins and straws to sugar packets and stirrers, so you're fully stocked (and everything has a designated home).

coffee station ideas hidden station
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

Consider A Concealed Coffee Station

20. Hide your station in a cabinet

So you want a coffee station but prefer to keep the look of your kitchen minimal. No problem! Create a hidden gem by placing your coffee station inside a cabinet, like designer Jasmine Roth did here. Whether this simply means placing all of your essentials within an existing cabinet or refinishing one with, let’s say, a pull-down door, this concealed station will help maintain your design flow without sacrificing your caffeine intake.

21. Cover your appliances

If a display of coffee tools and appliances isn’t something you’re into, you can keep things hidden with some handy appliance covers. This is a great tip for someone looking to keep a design scheme coherent, even with mismatching appliances.