CAFÉ Appliances Are Changing What It Means to Customize Your Kitchen

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Dante Crisafulli

Perhaps you’ve loved your kitchen well over the years, but it simply isn’t reflecting who you are anymore. Or maybe you’ve moved into a new home and the room could use a personality-infused refresh. No matter what your reason is for wanting to update your space, we’re here to cheer you on—and offer a few friendly suggestions along the way. So before you dive in, let us encourage you to think beyond the cabinets, because in 2024, customization goes so much deeper.

Consider Emily in Paris actress Ashley Park’s newly revamped kitchen. She describes its theme as “stylish serenity,” and we wholeheartedly agree. The calming white-on-white scheme with a bold black-marble island creates a room that feels inviting yet sophisticated. “For me, the kitchen is emblematic of the social space in the house,” says Park, “I’m excited to invite people into this aesthetic and this feel, because I designed it, and I got to express myself through it.”

Actress Ashley Park standing in her newly designed CAFÉ kitchen, leaning over the sink.
Dante Crisafulli

Ultimately, Park’s kitchen proves that the typical customizations (cabinetry, backsplash) aren’t actually the key to an expertly designed space: It’s the appliances. “I really wanted a space that felt very approachable and relaxed, so when I saw these CAFÉ appliances, this matte white finish, I realized that [they] are how I can tie the whole kitchen together. I was really excited to choose brass hardware because there’s something about it that felt really sophisticated,” she says. “I also love that if I wanted to change my mind tomorrow, I could. Now I'm like, get me the black hardware! Let me see it with the black hardware!”

And CAFÉ brings the design heat in unexpected ways. Not only are the options trend-forward and stylish, they offer total customization—something you don’t normally see in things like ranges, fridges and dishwashers. With three finish options (Matte White, Matte Black and Stainless Steel) and six hardware choices (Brushed Bronze, Brushed Black, Brushed Brass, Brushed Copper, Brushed Stainless and Matte Black), you can mix and match to create your perfect look. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out the premium interior customizations that make having a suite of CAFÉ appliances the perfect way to reflect your personality in your kitchen.

Actress Ashley Park standing next to an open CAFÉ dishwasher.
Dante Crisafulli

CAFÉ CustomFit Dishwasher

Your precious wine glasses and 40-ounce tumbler? They’re taken care of in this new built-in dishwasher. “The CAFÉ CustomFit Dishwasher provides a place for everything. I love that it’s easy to put wine glasses in, water tumblers, huge pots, little pots. It feels like a safe place for my dishes,” says Park. That’s because it oozes customizability: Configure the top rack to fit whatever you like, however you like (for example, that huge tumbler). And don’t forget the flexible silverware basket, which can even be used to hold stemware. Dedicated wash jets in these special areas make sure everything comes out sparkling—in one piece. And yep, you can also customize the outside and select from a range of base and hardware options to fit your personality.

Actress Ashley Park holding a cocktail and leaning against her white CAFÉ refrigerator.
Dante Crisafulli

CAFÉ 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator 

Listen, you’ve been doing water all wrong. The Dual-Dispense AutoFill Pitcher in this fridge gives you access to an entire pitcher of cold water that you can remove and use, or tap while it’s docked in the fridge for a cold filtered glass. And don’t get us started on the drawer below, which can be set to the optimal temperature for whatever you decide to store—meat, beverages, snacks, wine, or in Park’s case, her collection of mini sauces and skincare. “I’m obsessed with the customizable drawer of the refrigerator, mostly because I am a condiment queen and a skincare fiend. So my drawer currently is filled with all face masks and condiments,” she says. Choose your base and hardware on the outside of this Wi-Fi-connected fridge for a fully customized experience. Who knew a refrigerator could be so…attractive?

Actress Ashley Park leaning on a black marble countertop in her kitchen with her CAFÉ range and hood visible in the background.
Dante Crisafulli

CAFÉ Dual-Fuel Commercial-Style Range

Seasoned style stewards know this, and new design lovers should learn: It all starts with the range. Once you determine this focal point of the kitchen, the rest tends to fall into place. The base and hardware on the CAFÉ range are completely customizable to suit your desired look, and you can even change up the hardware at a later date. Meaning, you’re not tied to your first choice (hey, tastes change!). Now, for the tech specs: This 36-inch option is complete with six gas burners (two high-heat burners, a multi-ring burner and Inspiral burners to swirl the flame for better heat distribution) and a large-capacity electric oven with a precision temperature probe. Finally, built-in Wi-Fi makes this range as smart as they come.

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Dante Crisafulli

CAFÉ Bellissimo Espresso Machine

Last, but certainly not least, be sure not to skip the CAFÉ countertop appliances. Like this espresso machine, which can be customized to match the rest of your choices, otherwise known as the cherry on top of your very stylish kitchen cake. Park agrees, saying, “[it] makes me feel like I’m a barista, and the fact that I can have an entire café at my disposal feels really awesome.” We also like the Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for a final matching moment, but if you simply love a good, no fuss drip, there’s one for your personality too.

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