I Tried a Eucalyptus Comforter, and Here’s What It Did for My Love Life

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My boyfriend and I have dated since college, a saga in bedding that has seen our childhood quilts graduate to cheapo poly-fill “comforters” to the grown-lady goose down duvet, which I thought was the greatest thing ever to happen to me.

...Until we moved in together. And into a prewar apartment with a prewar radiator that “roasts him,” prompting him to open the windows and freeze me half to death. See, like many couples, our body temperatures are as different as our tastes in television—he wakes to crank the overhead fan, I wake up to shut it off, we both sleep like crap, and around we go. 

And that’s what led us to Buffy. 

I was skeptical when I received a sample of this eucalyptus-fiber comforter, which claims to be “the most comfortable comforter on earth.” What kind of new age, herbal hullabaloo is this? I asked myself while squeezing its admittedly cloud-like consistency. Three weeks into my trial, I can say with confidence that it has changed my sleep and, in turn, my relationship.

Why? Foremost, the eucalyptus microfiber filling is warm and fluffy enough for me yet cool and lightweight enough for him. And on top of its democratic warmth, it has the most incomprehensibly squishy feel to it, a cozy, slightly weighted consistency that hugs the body in a way that goose down just doesn't. The resulting effect? Tranquil, thrashing-free co-sleeping. I am not kidding: We now wake and merely shimmy the covers straight to make the bed, because we’ve slept so soundly.  

While he still cracks the window a hair (even on the coldest nights), I consider this miraculous blanket a huge step toward bipartisanship in the bedroom.


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