If You Ask Bobby Berk, *This* Is the Most Important Home Item to Splurge On

luxury bedding setup

What we admire most about Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk? His design chops and his confidence. So when the Fab Five home expert popped by PureWow HQ to discuss all things design and decor (among them, his new lifestyle site, we couldn’t wait to hear his pro advice on the best place to invest when it comes to home decor.

His rather surprising answer? Bedding. Allow him to explain: “You spend a third of your life in your bed,” Berk reminded us. “If you wake up grumpy because you’re in bad sheets, then your whole day becomes grumpy.” And he has thoughts about exactly what your bed should feel like. “You know when you're in a nice hotel and you put your feet in the sheets and you’re like ‘Oh, this feels so good’? You should get that every night!” he insisted.

Yup, Berk is of the opinion that you could have all the beautiful tableware and furniture in the world, but if you aren’t getting those all-important eight hours of undisturbed slumber, your sleep-deprived, crabby butt won’t enjoy them all too much.

And one more thing: “Thread count is a marketing ploy made up in America. It’s BS! It's really about the quality of the cotton and the fiber. You could have 1,000 thread count sheets...and they could still be crap,” Berk finished. (Boy tells it like it is.)


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