The Best Way to Get Streak-Free Windows? Well, It Doesn’t Involve Windex…

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You just spent an hour cleaning your living room windows when you spot it: a new smudge. Before you play a game of fingerprint whodunit, grab some vinegar and the newspaper—we’ve found it’s the best way to clean windows for a streak-free finish.

What you’ll need: 

What to do: 

In a bowl, combine the water, vinegar and liquid soap. Dip the newspaper or cloth into the mixture and use it to wipe the glass in a circular pattern. Once the smudges are removed, make long, vertical and horizontal strokes with your newspaper or cloth, to coat the window and remove any soap residue. (That way, when the glass dries, you won’t see circular streak marks on the window.)

Why it works: 

Vinegar doesn’t leave behind residue as it dries, which is crucial for snagging that streak-free finish, according to the pros at Nick’s Window Cleaning in Ontario. Newspaper is typically preferred to paper towels, simply because the latter tends to leave little fibers on your window. A microfiber cloth also works, and let’s be honest: these days, it might be easier to come by than a newspaper. Go with whatever option works best for you.

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