12 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

The ladies in your life are notoriously hard to shop for. Welcome to the club. So we’ve rounded up a few fabulous gift ideas for each of them that’ll leave them wondering, “How did she know?!”

chicos red cashmere turtleneck

1. For Your Mom: Chico’s Cashmere Turtleneck

Whether or not you’ll be there to give her an actual hug for the holidays, this ridiculously cozy cashmere knit will make her feel like she’s getting a squeeze from you every time she wears it.

nourish lunch box custom bento lunch box

2. For Your Boss: Monogrammed Bento Lunch Box

So no one will ever dare steal her lunch (or food container) again.

popup florist plant friends kit
Popup Florist

3. For Your Work Wife: Popup Florist Plant Friends Kit

She’ll laugh and think of you upon returning to her desk after every 45-minute meeting that should have just been an email.

Buy it ($18)

roxanne assouline beaded bracelet
Roxanne Assoulin

4. For Your Sister: Roxanne Assoulin Beaded Bracelet

With any luck she’ll have the same bright idea and give one to you too.

chicos matching louge set

5. For Your Bestie: Chico’s Colorblock-detail Lounge Set

This super-soft set is perfect for lounging around the house with a cup of cocoa and a good book, or even for running errands around town with some chic flats and a moto jacket.

Buy the bottom ($80)

peter thomas roth mask set

6. For Your Nanny: Peter Thomas Roth Mask-erade Travel Size Mask Set

Because all she really wants this year is a little bit of TLC (and some time away from your delightful, if slightly stubborn, children).

boyy lucus leather handbag in silver grey

7. For Your Wife: Boyy Lucas Leather Shoulder Bag

She’s had her eye on this beauty for a lonnnng time now but just can’t seem to make the splurge. Surprise her by picking it up yourself and watch her face light up when she opens the box.

alex and ani custom initial necklace charms
Alex and Ani

8. For Your Mil: Alex And Ani Custom Initial Necklace

Add letters representing her children, grandchildren or even her beloved corgis.

Buy the charm ($18 each) Buy the necklace ($68)

dream decoder cards

9. For Your Roommate: Dream Decoder Cards

The two of you have spent countless hours analyzing each other’s weird dreams, so why not make those analyses official with a set of cards that are definitely way more accurate than your random Google searches?

Buy it ($17)

anthropologie spoon rest

10. For Your Book Club: Anthropologie Eres Spoon Rest

A little something for each of the ladies in your group that will look gorgeous on their kitchen counters.

cream and sugar set from crate and barrell
Crate and Barrel

11. For Your Neighbor: Crate & Barrel Cream And Sugar Set

For you both to enjoy during your weekly tea dates to gossip about all the other neighbors catch up.

home depot anvil home tool kit
Home Depot

12. For Your Cousin In College: Anvil Home Tool Kit

Dorm rooms and college apartment rentals are often not the most up-to-date or well-maintained residences (blame it on the Thursday-night theme parties). She may not yet know when or why, but she’s going to need these at some point during those four years.



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