Looking to Set a Vibe for 2023? There’s a Paint Color for That

It hasn’t even begun and the vibes for 2023 are already immaculate. For one, it’s a clean slate (what’s not to love about that?). Two, we’re ready to usher in a new set of color trends that are primed for setting a mood. And three, did we mention a fresh start?

Gone are the days of confining ourselves to basic white and millennial pink (we still love you, but we’ve moved on to Conch Shell—more on that later.). This year’s hues, dubbed by Benjamin Moore, are bringing a certain energy we’ve been missing these past two years, while we hunkered down with no more than sourdough and sweatsuits to excite us.

So whether you’re looking to lean into your optimistic side or manifest some wealth in the new year (we make no promises), these eight shades listed below are sure to inspire. Oh, and the best part about these colors is that they all come with a soundtrack. Benjamin Moore partnered with Chromeo to create a custom track for their color of the year, “Raspberry Blush” and eight super catchy Spotify playlists to go with it. So without further ado, read on (and jam out) to find the Benjamin Moore color trend that’s right for you.

benjamin moore raspberry blush
Benjamin Moore

Practicing Optimism? Try Raspberry Blush 2008-30

Never a backdrop, Raspberry Blush is the definition of charismatic color. Accordingly to a spokesperson for Benjamin Moore, “This unapologetic shade of red orange had us thinking: bold, bolder, boldest. This sentiment flows through the rest of the palette as we immerse ourselves in hues that make a statement.” We love the idea of using this color on the walls and moulding in your room of choice. It’s hard not to be cheerful while looking at it.

benjamin moore cinnamon
Benjamin Moore

Want Something Inviting? Try Cinnamon 2174-20

Cinnamon is the new neutral. Yes, you heard it here first. According to the brand, “Cinnamon is an excellent bridge between neutrals and more saturated shades.” If you find you’re looking for a bolder neutral, or one that still feels like a focal point, Cinnamon is the spice for you. The only downside: Your guests won’t want to leave.

benjamin moore wenge
Benjamin Moore

Manifesting Wealth? Try Wenge AF-180

When we look at Wenge, we think rich and luxurious. This enigmatic hue combines both comfort and drama, and is ideal for amping up saturation in rooms with predominantly neutral walls. Use it on the exteriors of your home for an update on traditional taupe or create a focal point in the kitchen to bring a velvety touch to your space. 

benjamin moore savannah green
Benjamin Moore

Need to Boost Creativity? Try Savannah Green 2150-30

This color is certainly a risk, but isn’t that what you’re going for in 2023? We love how playful it is, offering both whimsy and drama. Try Savannah Green from head-to-toe in your workspace and juxtapose with some bright white.

benjamin moore north sea green
Benjamin Moore

Relishing WFH? Try North Sea Green 2053-30

Bathe your “office” nook in a sense of cool and calm. This saturated shade blends the relaxing vibes of gray-blue with the appealing tones of blue-green. You may even consider painting the ceiling in North Sea Green for an intimate space to dine and entertain.

benjamin moore starry night blue
Benjamin Moore

Prioritizing Romance? Try Starry Night Blue 2067-20

Start romanticizing your own life. First step? Set the scene with this inky and captivating blue. Use Starry Night Blue to create the serene oasis of your dreams (a playful twist on soft blue bathrooms) or a private sitting room just for two.

benjamin moore conch shell
Benjamin Moore

Crave Grown Up Millennial Pink? Try Conch Shell 052

Conch Shell may bring a blush to your space, but this hue is not frilly. The comforting color balances out the bold vibes of the rest of this palette, appearing almost neutral alongside such striking shades.

benjamin moore new age
Benjamin Moore

Creating a Meditation Room? Try New Age 1444

Soft and ethereal, this light purple is grounded by a drop of gray. It emanates a soft spiritual sensibility, leaning into the softer side of the Color Trends 2023 palette. Appearing both gray and lavender, depending on the lighting, you can infuse a touch a gentle dose of calm to your space. 

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