Ashley Park Just Refreshed Her Kitchen, and This Appliance Stopped Us in Our Tracks

Actress Ashley Park standing next to an open CAFÉ dishwasher.
Dante Crisafulli

When actress Ashley Park decided to redesign her kitchen, approachability and relaxation were top of mind. So it’s no surprise that she chose to outfit her space with a suite of customizable CAFÉ appliances, which offer a selection of six hardware finishes and three base colors that can be mixed and matched to suit your personal style. With a unique premium feel and undeniable beauty, it was a natural choice for the Emily in Paris star. Her look of choice? Matte White with Brushed Brass hardware. “If I had to give a theme to my kitchen, it would probably be ‘stylish serenity,’” says Park. “I’ve been drawn to a neutral palette with bold and striking accents, so I was excited to choose the brass hardware because there’s something about it that felt really sophisticated. I also love that if I wanted to change my mind tomorrow, I could.” And Ashley: We love that for you. 

But if we’re being honest, there’s one thing in particular that made us do a double take, and it wasn’t her fabulous marble sink (though we did have a moment of silence for that, too). It’s her CAFÉ CustomFit Dishwasher—yes, dishwasher—a new product in the line that encompasses everything we never knew we needed in our kitchens. 

Café appliances white dishwasher with gold hardware.
Dante Crisafulli

What you see upon first glance is undoubtedly enticing: A Matte White built-in dishwasher that blends seamlessly with her cabinetry for a stylish and sophisticated vibe. The Brushed Brass hardware, which, as she mentions above, can be mixed and matched to suit your own personal style, adds a metallic pop that’s our preferred type of design eye candy. Yes, it’s all completely beautiful and customizable and on-trend. But what really got us hooked was the inside.

Close up shot of the inside of a CAFÉ appliances dishwaster.
Dante Crisafulli

The CAFÉ CustomFit Dishwasher is a force to be reckoned with. For starters, it has three racks instead of the usual two. At the very top, you’ll find a CustomFit rack that has a dedicated wash zone for extra cleaning. Stuck-on food from tough players like silverware and cooking utensils is no problem at this level. The rack easily slides aside so you can configure things yourself and wash taller items, like a 40-ounce tumbler, in the middle rack. There’s even a lid caddy that holds blender blades and cup lids.

On the bottom rack, the CustomFit basket features a design-forward herringbone pattern and offers a unique take on the traditional silverware caddy. And it safely holds so much more than just forks and spoons. The basket can comfortably contain reusable straws and even stemware, so things you might normally hand-wash are out of harm’s way. “The CAFÉ CustomFit Dishwasher provides a place for everything. I love that it’s easy to put wine glasses in, water tumblers, huge pots, little pots. It feels like a safe place for my dishes,” says Park.

An open Café Appliances dishwasher filled with plates, bowls and wine glasses.
Dante Crisafulli

And let’s not forget the whole noise thing, which this dishwasher has perfected. A super silent dBA of 39 means you get to enjoy a peacefully quiet kitchen while your dishes get cleaned in a powerful (but gentle!) wash. Then, unload your delicate pieces with even more care thanks to the luminous LED lights that keep it well and evenly lit.

Turns out, dishwashers don’t have to be one size fits all. And it also turns out that they can actually be your favorite appliance (guilty). Head to CAFÉ to shop the CustomFit Dishwasher finishes and hardware, and finally start loving the cleanup process again (or at least, loving how much less hand washing you’ll have to do when you put one of these to work in your kitchen).

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