Article Just Might Be the Best Way Ever to Buy a Couch

velvet couch from article

Shopping for furniture always seems like a good idea. But then you spend the whole day (or even a whole weekend!) popping from store to store, sitting on couch after couch, only to find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices and struggling to remember the subtle differences between suede and micro-suede. On the other hand, going the online route can be just as overwhelming. Am I getting a good deal? Is this really going to look like it does in the pictures? Is this site legitimate? I'm sorry, shipping and assembly fees are how much?! 

Luckily, there’s a chic, under-the-radar way to order exactly you what you want, from the comfort of your home: Article.

The 5-year-old furniture company began as a way to get beautifully made, quality furniture to as many people as possible without the hassle (and additional costs) of involving retail stores, warehouses and exporters. Instead, Article connects its shoppers directly to the manufacturer to keep things easy and relatively inexpensive. Seriously, after just a few clicks, one phone call and a quick and painless home installation, you'll be literally sitting pretty.

"It was very quick and easy, the website is user-friendly and the choice selection wasn't so overwhelming that I didn't know where to start," said one PureWow staffer who tried it. Indeed, it’s incredibly easy to filter by color, fabric or style (i.e., sectional versus loveseat) so you’re looking at only couches you’d actually consider buying. Article also has a shoppable inspiration section if you’re not quite sure what style it is you want but know you really need to replace your armchairs.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection to a handful of options, you can get into the real differentiating details. There are lots of photos of every couch on the site, giving you a 360-degree view including at least one showing the couch in an actual living room. Measurements, features and care instructions are listed in a clear, concise manner so you don’t have to go searching for those necessary bits of information. And, of course, there are user reviews with notes on the quality, design and value, many of which also have user-submitted photos of their couches out in the real world.

Best of all might be the ease of the checkout and delivery processes. There's a flat delivery fee of $49 no matter which pieces you've purchased (really, even if you've ordered a couch, two armchairs and a dining room table, it all goes to you for $49), or $99 if you want it delivered up to an apartment or living space that isn't on the ground floor. Article will give you a quick call to confirm the date and time of delivery so you can make sure it works with your schedule, and then voilà! Your dream navy-blue velvet sectional arrives, Article fits it into your living room and you've barely had to lift a finger, except perhaps to text all your friends to come over and try it out.



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