10 Affordable Apartments on the Market Right Now

If you’re looking to score a deal on an apartment, now’s a great time: February is traditionally the cheapest month for rentals in New York. So if you’re willing to brave the cold and move during the winter, we promise it’ll be worth your while. Here are our picks for the best rental deals in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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studio les
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Studio On The Lower East Side ($2,250)

If living in proximity to great food is one of your criteria for the perfect apartment, we’ve got you. This well-maintained third-floor walk-up studio (under the Manhattan median of $2,495) has updated appliances and hardwood floors—and it’s within a block of Ivan Ramen, Speedy Romeo and Clinton St. Baking Company.

studio crown heights
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Studio In Crown Heights ($1,667)

The whole “good things come in small packages” adage perfectly sums up this Crown Heights studio (well below the $2,100 Brooklyn median). The finishes throughout this apartment are both luxe and proportioned to the space (check out that narrow refrigerator and mini dishwasher). One thing that’s not lacking in size? The storage space, with both a linen closet and a walk-in closet.

one bedroom grenwich
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1-bedroom In Greenwich Village ($2,390)

We don’t understand how it’s possible, but this apartment in the Village is more than $800 under the Manhattan median for a one-bedroom ($3,200). Yes, it’s teeny, but the floor plan makes use of every square inch and those strategically placed mirrors give the illusion of more space. And yes, it’s a fifth-floor walk-up, but we’re not afraid of a little daily cardio. And, OK, yes, it lacks a built-in closet, but we’ll go extreme KonMari if it means snagging this bargain.  

one bedroom crown heights
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1-bedroom In Crown Heights ($1,700)

Ground-floor apartments have a bad rap (security concerns, lack of natural light, less privacy), but there’s also a lot to love: In addition to the steep discount in the price ($500 below the Brooklyn median), we love that this unit has its very own private entrance (goodbye, awkward run-ins with neighbors!). Plus, ground-floor units tend to stay cooler during those hot, humid summer months but still get toasty in the winter when the heat’s on.

two bedroom central harlem
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2-bedroom In Central Harlem ($3,750)

Don’t even bother scrolling through the other pics, because the only thing that matters is that private rooftop. It has views for days and plenty of room to host summer get-togethers. But in case you’re curious, inside you’ll find a washer and dryer in the unit, hardwood floors throughout, exposed brick and new high-end appliances.      

two bedroom les
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2-bedroom On The Lower East Side ($3,500)

Hold up, are we in a Catskills lodge or an apartment just off Delancey? Between the gorgeous exposed beams, the ginormous skylight, the renovated kitchen and the newly tiled bathroom, we’re not entirely sure.

two bedroom stuyvesant heights
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2-bedroom In Stuyvesant Heights ($2,200)

Not even a blurry photo can detract from the charm of this prewar brownstone flat (which is lined with the loveliest crown molding). We’d be grateful for just one decorative fireplace, but this treasure of a home blesses us with two. And we can’t get enough of those oversized living-room windows with their perfect little white shutters. All of this is situated on a gorgeous tree-lined street to boot.

two bedroom elmhurst
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2-bedroom In Elmhurst ($2,000)

Broker fees can be a total bummer. So when we noticed this Astoria two-bedroom unit doesn’thave one and also offers two months of free rent with a 12-month lease, we were floored. Speaking of floors, we’re really into the dark hardwood flooring in the living room and the dramatic black floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

three bedroom grennwich
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3-bedroom In Greenwich Village ($4,995)

“I’ll take adorable duplexes for $5,000, Alex.” We’re a sucker for a duplex, and the odds of finding an affordable multi-level home in Manhattan are almost nonexistent. Granted, part of the reason this one is so cheap is because it is actually a two-bedroom that’s been converted into a three-bedroom, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

three bedroom ridgewood
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3-bedroom In Ridgewood ($3,000)

French doors, a funky exposed-brick wall and both the M and L trains less than half a mile away? Ridgewood, coming in hot.

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