The Secret Trick for Making Flowers Last Longer

Because two days on your mantel just isn't enough

flowers hero

Your neighbor brought you the loveliest white roses. How thoughtful! Want to stretch their shelf life a teensy bit longer? Here’s an easy trick.

What you need: A bouquet of fresh flowers and an empty spot in the fridge.

What you do: Slide said flowers (vase and all) in the fridge overnight, every night, until they start to look droopy. Boom: You’ve bought yourself a couple extra days of floral bliss.

Why it works: The dose of cold temps lets flowers absorb more water, which lengthens their life span. This is especially useful if your home’s heat is particularly dry.

What if my fridge is packed? In a pinch, move the arrangement to a cool spot, away from the fireplace, radiator, vents and other hot spots.

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