9 Stylish Swaps For Your Bedroom Makeover

Because, hibernation season

Fact: We spend 33 percent of our lifetime sleeping. (To say nothing of the hours we spend working, eating, cleaning, Netflix-and-chilling…).

Bottom line: Your bedroom is pretty darn important. Which is why we’re always looking for new ways to improve on the space, while still maintaining the familiar coziness that makes it such a comforting nook to come home to.

From simple vanity styling to full-scale furniture upgrades, read on for nine bedroom makeover ideas to breathe new life into your living space.


If You Have: A Bulky Armoire

Heavy pieces carry physical and visual weight. Using a garment rack to display your pieces in lieu ofstashing them in an armoire will make your space feel much lighter. As for the rest of your wardrobe? Fold it up (most garments are happier folded anyway), and then send the stragglers to the hallway closet.

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If You Have: A Boring Hamper

Ahhh, the hamper. The word alone sounds like an eyesore. Swap the plastic bin for a stunning woven basket and laundry day will seem worlds away.

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If You Have: An Upholstered Headboard

Rather than drain your entire savings on a new bedroom set, simply have your headboard covered in fabric the next time you’re in the mood to spice things up. (Or dare to do it yourself.)

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If You Have: A Nightstand

You’ve wanted a vanity since you were a little girl, but you’ve never had the space for one, right? Wrong. The bedside nook formerly dedicated to your plain old nightstand makes for a perfect (and practical) spot for the vanity of those childhood dreams.


If You Have: A Wall-mounted Mirror

Your old wall-mounted mirror was great in your college dorm, but now you have the space for something more functional. The KNAPPER freestanding mirror from IKEA has the genius feature of a hanger rod and hooks for you to lay out tomorrow’s outfit (be done with a.m. wardrobe anxiety). Its lightweight design makes it mobile too, so you can admire thyself in the best possible light.

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If You Have: Traditional Table Lamps

Reducing visual clutter is hands down the easiest way to refresh a space. Which is why we love the idea of matching bedside sconces to replace those space-sucking table lamps. (That area should be reserved for your latest page-turner.

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If You Have: Wall-mounted Bookshelves

Nothing in the home says “I have my life together” like beautifully styled bookshelves. And swapping the traditional kind for breezy open-face shelving leaves tons of extra room to decorate with art, keepsakes, even favorite numbers from your wardrobe.

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If You Have: A Rug

No need to ditch your current rug entirely. Try on-trend layering for a decidedly edgy change of pace.

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If You Have: A Gallery Wall

We love a good gallery wall as much as the next gal. But when you’re in need of a spatial switch-up, less can be infinitely more.

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