Twenty 60th Birthday Party Ideas for an Extra Special Celebration

From diamond jubilees to dance classes

You just added a sixth notch to your belt and this latest achievement is a milestone decade worth celebrating. But how? Fortunately, we have more than a few 60th birthday party ideas to make sure your special day is, well, exactly that. From low-key, at-home celebrations and relaxing outings to elegant, splurge-worthy social events, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you below.

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Creative 60th Birthday Party Ideas

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1. Paint and Sip

Gather the girls for a paint and sip party that allows guests to channel their inner Picasso (or Monet, what have you) and let their creativity shine while drinking good vino. The best part is that this type of party can be done virtually with some help from companies like Paint the Town, which provide all the materials and some basic instruction, so you’re only responsible for the wine and snacks.

2. Pottery Making Class

Equal parts calming and sexy (Ghost, anyone?), this creative and artsy idea is a  hands-on activity for everyone that yields a treasured keepsake, too. Plus, if you prefer to avoid the mess of the pottery wheel, you can always opt for a ready-made pottery painting party instead, which most studios offer.

3. Dance Class

Take a dance class so you can cut a rug with your favorite people. We’re casting our vote for something classy, like ballroom dancing—’cause there’s nothing quite like celebrating your sixties with the samba.

4. Volunteering 

Gardening, park clean-up, dog walking and petting—there are so many ways to give back to the community, so you can really pick and choose when it comes to volunteering. It’s also a great way to gather a group and an activity that’s scientifically proven to promote social bonding and make you feel good, which sounds like birthday magic to us.

Relaxing 60th Birthday Party Ideas

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5. Potluck Picnic

If what you really want is a laidback celebration, you can’t go wrong with a potluck-style gathering. Schedule it at a local park or in your own backyard on a sunny day for a casual picnic lunch that you don’t have to prepare yourself; then, kick back and enjoy the fresh air, good company and tasty offerings.

6. Spa Day

Pamper yourself and a few friends with a luxe spa day at a nearby resort. Mani-pedis, massages, body scrubs and facials are all on the menu and after working hard for sixty years you surely deserve the special treatment. And if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly birthday party idea, you can always host an at-home spa day—just be sure to buy some bubbly and whip up one of these DIY masks.

7. Backyard BBQ

Nothing says ‘leisurely birthday party’ quite like a backyard (or park) BBQ. Just make sure you have someone lined up to man the grill, so you can spend as much time as possible working the crowd and basking in that well-deserved spotlight.

8. Game Night

If you want a low-key celebration at home, invite you a few friends over for a night of game play. Video games, card games, board games—there are plenty of options, so you’ll have no trouble keeping guests engaged and entertained.

9. Private Movie Viewing

Rent out a movie theater for a novel viewing experience that leaves a little more room for socializing. Plus, many places will also allow you to bring in your own food and bev when you pony up the cost of renting out a theater.

Exciting 60th Birthday Party Ideas

10. Casino

Take a group out for a night of gambling and test your birthday luck at the blackjack table and slot machines. Just make sure you set a budget before you go, so your celebration doesn’t end on a bitter note.

11. '60s Decade Party

Set the dress code (mock neck dresses, menswear and miniskirts only, please), serve up some deviled eggs and other retro appetizers, and then queue up the groovy music for a throwback vibe that will get everyone on the dance floor.

12. Murder Mystery Dinner

It’s a lot like what you see in the best movie of all time (Clue, duh) and a ton of fun. Psst: You can find a ton of downloadable kits featuring many different themes here.

13. Ball Game

Sporting events are a great way to celebrate with friends and loved ones. After all, nothing brings people together quite like rooting for the home team. For an extra social element, we strongly suggest a tailgate BBQ before the game begins.

14. Escape Room Party

Book an escape room for a small to medium sized group of friends for an interactive party that requires teamwork and critical thinking. Best of all, most venues provide a separate party space where guests can enjoy food, drink (and cake) after the main activity wraps.

Elegant 60th Birthday Party Ideas

15. Diamond Jubilee Party

If you’re not familiar with the diamond jubilee, it’s a fancy party thrown to celebrate the 60th anniversary of something (for Queen Victoria, it was her reign, for you, it’s your birth). This classy affair calls for top-notch Champagne, lots of sparkly decorations and formal attire. In other words, whoever plans the party will have to pull out all the stops…but the guest of honor surely deserves it, no?

16. Garden Party

Here, another formal event—but, as the name suggests, this type of party takes place outdoors, specifically in a private (and preferably thriving) garden. For this one, all you really need to do is slip into a pretty frock and play socialite for a day alongside your favorite people. Oh, and make sure there’s an abundance of hors d'oeuvres and Champagne.

17. Day Cruise 

Provided there’s a body of water nearby, you can book a day cruise and enjoy a breezy, scenic celebration with your besties. Make sure there’s a wet bar and some good eats going around and then just enjoy the fresh air while you socialize on the deck.

18. Brunch Party

There’s not much to explain here. Host it at home or make a reservation at a favorite restaurant…but if you go with the former option, we suggest looking into catering or hiring a private chef so you don’t spend your whole party in the kitchen.

19. Fondue Dinner 

What’s not to love about dipping lots of delicious things in cheese and chocolate? Head to a local fondue restaurant or, if you’re feeling ambitious, follow this guide and test this recipe to make your own at home.

20. Wine Tasting 

Enjoy the bucolic beauty of a vineyard while tasting top-notch vino and toasting your milestone birthday with a few good friends. Not sure where to go? If you’re a New Yorker (or willing to splurge on a destination celebration) we have a few suggestions

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