24 Things Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs in Her Apartment

From stationery to a toilet plunger

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You’ve been out of college for how many years and you’re still using the towels your mom bought you for the dorm? Come on. There are some things every gal just needs in order to feel like a grown-up. After all, if you can run an entire department at work, you can afford to invest in a little TLC at home. Here are 24 items you should have in your apartment.

1. Sheets with a high thread count. That means a minimum of 300. Preferably cotton sateen. Oh, and we suggest you forgo the pink for a more unisex color or pattern.

2. A grown-up bed. Sleep is important, like really important. So don’t scrimp on a crappy mattress. Two words: memory foam. It’s a necessary investment.

3. Furniture that isn’t particleboard. We love IKEA as much as the next person does, but it’s time to set aside cash for some solid wood.

4. A dedicated work space. You might not have a spare room to use as a full-fledged home office, but at least set up a proper desk for your computer and papers. The coffee table doesn’t count.

5. A filing cabinet for important documents. Don’t worry: It can be cute.

6. Framed artwork. Sayonara, bare apartment walls. Upload art, choose a frame design and have a framed photo or painting delivered to your door.

7. Real stationery that isn’t from Walgreens. Go to Lavish in Hayes Valley and stock up on cards from Rifle Paper Co. right now.

8. A big-girl tool kit. We’re talking a hammer, wrench and two screwdrivers, minimum. You really have to stop relying on every man in your life to help with home maintenance.

9. Sophisticated candles. Throw away all those Yankee Candles and splurge on at least one fancy Diptyque scent. Tell yourself it’s for the earthquake kit to lessen any guilt.

10. A flashlight. Because candles only burn for so many hours. Just make sure the batteries are from this decade.

11. An earthquake emergency kit. OK, your fancy candles and flashlight are nice, but make sure you have other essentials like water (one gallon per person per day; at least a three-day supply), canned food and snacks, cash and a utility knife. Get the full list here.

Crate and Barrel

12. Proper glassware. It doesn’t have to be expensive crystal, but make sure you have enough to serve six guests their choice of red wine, white wine or Champagne.

13. A bottle of red, a bottle of white and Champagne. To put in said glasses.

14. Actual napkins. Paper towels won’t cut it when hosting dinner parties. If not cloth, at least get some charming printed paper ones.

15. An actual vacuum. You’ll be much more likely to keep everything in your life clean if you don’t have to pick up a broom and dust pan.


16. Matching towels that aren’t from college. We love these from Anthropologie. Make sure you buy an extra set or two for guests.

17. A plunger. Because you never know when the toilet might back up.

18. A toilet brush. Let’s keep things clean, people.

19. Nice hangers, preferably wooden or fabric. And definitely not the ones from your dry cleaner!

20. A really chic spa robe. Something like this. You can’t answer the door or impress your significant other in that ratty old terry cloth thing.

Vintage Revivals

21. Something alive. We’re not talking about kids or pets. Every home needs a little greenery.

22. A sewing kit. Yes, that means you need to learn how to sew a button.

23. A clothing steamer. Worth every penny. And much less tedious than pulling out the old iron.

24. A fancy showerhead. Bonus points for one that uses less water and doubles as a spa experience.

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