Here's Exactly What Your House Looked Like in 1984

Three words: Laura Ashley bedspread

Your kitchen is outfitted in copper and warm gray, you have a gorgeous freestanding tub and your all-white furniture is on point. Yep, you’re completely rocking every chic home design trend of 2016.

But let us remind you that just three short decades ago, your stylin’ house looked a liiittttle bit different. Let’s take a (wildly embarrassing) walk down memory lane, shall we? Here's what the world looked like in 1984.


Everything Was Surrounded By Wood

…Including the TV (which was always tuned to Who’s the Boss?).

And You Had A Really High-tech Sound System

A record player and cassette deck, oooo…


Your Kitchen Had Brand-new Formica Countertops

Bonus points for wood cabinets that hit right at the bottom of the drop ceiling.

It Was All About The Laura Ashley Florals

…Especially in the bedroom.

Ugly House Photos

"modern" Dining Tables Were All The Rage

Especially when paired with some classy southwestern art and chairs from--you guessed it--Laura Ashley.

You Had One Of These Babies In Your Driveway

Ooo, the Toyota Cressida. So boxy and practical.

And You Were The Only One On The Block With A Finished Basement

It had wood paneling, a wet bar and hunter green berber carpeting.

Life In the Ville

Your Entire Bathroom Was Pink

Including the bathtub and toilet. Wait, isn’t that Pantone’s color of the year?

And Your Playroom Looked Like This

My Little Pony FTW.


This Fugly Couch Was In The Rec Room

Floating in a sea of puffy brown carpeting.

Columbia Pictures

...with This Poster Over It

At least one thing about 1984 was awesome.

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