This Is the No. 1 Living-Room Trend of 2019 (According to Google)

What goes around comes around—and in the case of interior design, 1950s style has apparently come back around with a vengeance. Yup, according to the latest Google home trends report, 1950s living rooms have seen a 5,000 percent increase in search versus the same time period last spring. Wowza.

Why the nostalgia? Well, for starters, mid-century style can now be considered a timeless classic. And with bold color and pattern maximalism trending big-time, it’s no wonder that folks are turning to the Mad Men-era past for a dose of modern inspiration. Here, a few key design elements of the 1950s living room to bring into your own home.

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Colorful Upholstery

Vibrant, happy color exploded in the home after World War II. Look to poppy hues like yellow, red, orange, bubblegum, turquoise and grass green for a ’50s-chic palette. 

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Clean-lined Wood Furniture

Legendary furniture designer Charles Eames got his rip-roaring start in the ’50s: Sleek, laminated plywood furniture reigned supreme as a result.

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Abstract Textiles

For a blatantly retro note, add some atomic age motifs, geometric patterns or trippy florals to your design scheme.

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Mini Bars

Fun fact: At-home bars became an entertaining staple during the ’50s. (One manhattan, please.)

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Decorative Lamps

Lamps crossed over from utility to statement in the ‘50s. The wackier and more geometric, the better.

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BRB, twisting the night away.

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