11 Creative Ways to Hang Art and Photos

Presentation is everything

We recently armed you with the rules for hanging just about anything. But rules are meant to be broken. Here, 11 design ideas to get you thinking outside the box (and sometimes even the frame).


hanging art 1

Hung With A Bow

This sweet (OK, slightly sentimental) technique works especially well with black-and-white photography. 


hanging art 2

Hung With Binder Clips

Great for posters, postcards--heck, even ticket stubs.

hanging art apartment therapy
Apartment Therapy

Or Clothespins

Vary the size of the items on your clothesline to make for interesting visual effect.

hanging art 4

Or Hangers

To keep this looking intentional (and not like your to-do list), go for a series of complementary pieces hung one on top of the other.

hanging art 5
Apartment Therapy

Small Art With A Big Matte

Statement making.

hanging art 6

Off-center In The Matte

This gives off a quirkier, Etsy-cool-girl vibe.

hanging art 7

Leaning On A Wall

Your guests will feel like they've stumbled into an artist's studio.

hanging art 8

Low To The Ground

Formal art-hanging law says pieces should be hung at eye-level, but a low hang gives a cool, downtown gallery aesthetic.

hanging art 9

Multiples Of The Same Print

Think Andy Warhol.

hanging art 10

Inside A Windowpane

We particularly love this approach for old family photos.

hanging art 11
Apartment Therapy

As A Gallery Wall

Hint: Here’s how to do it.

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