The Top 12 Gifts for Teen Boys, According to My Son and Everyone He Knows

This cohort is super tight-lipped, even when it comes to what free stuff they want. Short of hacking their Insta profile, we were stumped about the best gifts for teen boys. So we bribed our kids and their friends with pizza, and here's what we found out.

air pod pro

1. Air Pods Pro

Has your kid been really good this year? Then splash out on the new generation of AirPods, which feature better sound quality, fit more comfortably in your ears and are waterproofed to withstand a sudden downpour or a sweaty workout. Oh, and now he can just ask Siri to change songs/apps/call Mom without even tapping the hardware.

polaroid snap camera

2. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

“Back in my day, we used to have to take film inside a camera to a store to have it developed and then we’d give people the actual photographs. I guess you can take instant pictures and post them on Snapchat, where your parents will never see them.”

Polaroid $90


3. Mini Binoculars

These are small enough to fit in the side pocket of a pair of Dickies cargo pants when you’re at an outdoor festival and want to see the stage action without getting caught in the crush of the stage. Bonus: They have night vision, too.

spalatter wallet

4. Members Only Wallet

The retro splatter print is trending, and the trim bifold shape is just big enough to hold the essentials without being a pain to slip into your back pocket. And who knows, maybe gifting a wallet will inspire Little Lord Fauntleroy to get a summer job to have something to put inside.

zenergy clock

5. Sound And Light Alarm Clock

Whooshing ambient sounds and swirling colors are customizable to help you get to sleep. It’s sort of the 2019 version of the ‘70s lava lamp, but with Bluetooth compatibility for streaming, in case pink noise and ocean tones aren’t your son’s mood.

sony speaker

6. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This little speaker has extra bass, so every song will really vibrate his room. This gift is especially apt if you want to be the cool Auntie who isn’t going to be around to tell him to turn down his tunes.

Sony, $50

boys pajamas

7. Flannel Pajamas

Because no matter how much of a cool guy he is, he wants to feel warm and looked after when he’s lying down for a long winter’s nap. Also, maybe this will replace that ratty sports jersey he’s always sleeping in.


8. 3-piece Luggage Set

He’s old enough now to stop mooching space in the family luggage, and now, he doesn’t have to. This set includes a full-size hard-shell suitcase for big trips, a carry-on-sized one and a padded computer case. The two suitcases have spinner wheels, because let’s be real, there’s no way he’s going to carry his stuff across a long concourse.

U.S. Traveler, $129


9. Limited-edition Streetwear

Stop us if you know this: Today’s most popular fashions for young men are hot labels like Golf, F-ing Awesome, and the granddaddy of them all, Supreme. These brands come out with “drops” of clothing that sell out quickly, only to re-appear at marked-up prices on resale sites. Socks, underwear or a simple t-shirt from any of these brands—if you can get your hands on them before they sell out—would score you big points with any teen.

superdry bag

10. Festival Bag

Repeat after us: They don’t call them crossbody purses. Guys call them “festival bags.” And they are small enough to fit keys, a wallet, phone…you know, like a purse.

billie eilish
Urban Outfitters

11. Vinyl

Snoop around your giftee’s social media to see who their favorite artists are (or go old school and ask them) and get them some colored vinyl. Even if they don’t have a turntable, it makes a cool addition to their room. But it may be worth teaming up with another relative to spring for a portable record player too, like our next pick.

record player

12. Turntable

It’s got that old-school charm—it actually plays records! Analog sound! But also, it has new tech—Bluetooth capability to transmit digital music through the turntable’s speakers.

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