10 Hot Toys to Gift Kids This Year That Will Inspire Creativity and Deliver the Fun

If only we were kids again. This year, the coolest gifts bring fandoms to life in toy form—from DreamWorks Animation’s hit series Gabby’s Dollhouse to preschool powerhouse PAW Patrol and Monster Jam's edge-of-your-seat adrenaline fun. Also trending? A high-tech interactive toy that blinks and blows kisses and the world’s smallest folding scooter that redefines size and portability. Our mission is bringing you and your kids an amazing holiday haul, and we didn’t come to play.

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1. Cool Maker Stitch N’ Style

Bring on all the nostalgia (although this sewing machine seems a bit more up-to-date than our Nana’s hulking Singer). Watch your kid’s creativity run wild dreaming up all the accessories. Plus, this machine features pre-threaded cartridges and innovative built-in sensors so it knows when to start sewing, and when to stop.

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2. Kinetic Sand Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Playset

The wizards behind Kinetic Sand dug deep and tapped into the needs of STEAM-loving kids everywhere. This deluxe set comes with two-and-a-half full pounds of squishy sand in six colors so you can fill your entire sensory table. The most hands-on approval to Kinetic Sand art play with the sand swirler kids can press down on the pump to swirl the sand creating mesmerizing designs plus four tools and an artist palette. Finally, sand we actually want in our castle.

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3. Pixobitz Studio

When the required adhesive is water, we’re all in. Kids can build characters on a tray with these cube-shaped beads by simply spraying a little water onto the bead and sticking the next on top. With 500 beads (a.k.a. Bitz) in 10 different colors, 14 accessories over 100 water transfer decos, 4 tools, 2 trays and 3 templates, they will be occupied for hours (and you can breathe easy knowing the Elmer’s tucked away safely in the craft closet).

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4. Purse Pets

These animatronic handbags with unique purse-onalities are interactive—literally bringing your look to life. They respond to touch commands: blinking when you walk, purring, giggling, blowing kisses and more. Hold down a button to switch between mute, sleep or magic mode. When that one is activated, you can press their foreheads to play runway music, roaring applause or camera clicks. And now they come in characters you know and love from Sanrio: Hello Kitty, Chococat and My Melody.

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5. Gabby’s Dollhouse Dream Closet

If you live with a fan of this TV hit, you already know all about its star: A delightful cat-enthusiast with a penchant for headbands, sprinkles and shrinking herself down to dollhouse proportions. Preschoolers will delight in bringing Gabby’s world to life with their very own replica of her dollhouse dream closet, which is designed to be both portable for on-the-go fun or added to the Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse.

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6. Paw Patrol: Highway Rescue HQ

The PAW Patrol pups are back, this time with this 36-inch wide vehicle-compatible command center inspired by series’ latest theme, "Big Truck Pups." It comes with all the bells and whistles you see onscreen: a six-car garage for their big rig trucks, a command center, control room, working lights and sound effects. Order now so it can be there on the double.

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7. Monster Jam Monster Garage Playset

This massive Monster Jam Monster Garage measures 4 feet wide and 2 feet high for gravity-defying monster truck stunts, plus it acts as a storage display to hold up to 20 trucks (fun + storage = 😊). There’s also a working elevator, longjump ramp, backflip ramp and exclusive 40th anniversary Grave Digger truck. They’ll be ready to roll as soon as they rip off the wrapping.

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8. P.lushes Pets Jetsetter Collection

If you like your lovies luxe, P.Lushes won’t disappoint. Each glam, globe-trotting fashionista, from Lin LeBleu (hailing from France) and Ba-Bah Noir (hometown: Beverly Hills) to Pinkie Monroe (she’s from Moscow) has a signature style and empowering message. Their collars sparkle. Their eyes twinkle. Their fashion slays.

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9. Valor Scooter

Just because it’s the smallest full-size folding scooter doesn’t mean it sacrifices in performance or style. The center T-bar can be adjusted up to 36" once for kids ages 8 and up, and the ride is smooth and comfortable. There’s a rear brake on the back wheel for easy stopping, and when they’re ready to hop off, the scooter can be folded down and fit into a backpack or locker without sacrificing space.

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10. What the Fluff? Toy Pet

This is not just another stuffed animal. This adorable fluff ball can be pet, rolled, tossed and loved until it reveals its Pupper-Fluff self, with eyes, ears, a mouth and a sweet and silly personality. Once transformed, the real fun begins: Pupper-Fluff plays music, purrs, giggles, wiggles and even does a somersault.

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