Buy Now, Gift Later: 8 Things on Sale Right Now You Should Discover and Shop for the Holidays

This year more than ever, we’re looking to get the most bang for our buck and save wherever possible. Gifting is no different, but it can be tough to plan your list around the ever-elusive sale. Not to worry, here are eight incredible finds that are currently a fraction of their retail price. The best part? They’re all available on HSN, meaning you won’t be able to find most of these products anywhere else—especially at these great prices. These deals are bittersweet, because once they sell out, they’re gone. So don’t make a list and check it twice—or you might miss out on the season’s best savings.

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1. Staub Cast Iron Cocotte

Staub cast iron is well known for its quality, sleek design and easy-breezy functionality (browning is a cinch). Did you know they’re also chip-resistant, which means you’ll have them for years to come? So, why spend nearly $400 for this name-brand ceramic 4-quart dutch oven when you can get it for just $100? Trust: Your secret’s safe with us.

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2. Beekman 1802 Holiday Lip Balm Set

This holiday set is the ultimate stocking stuffer for the beauty-devotee (or anyone who’s guilty of needing a lip balm for their car, purse, beside table and desk). For those who aren’t familiar, Beekman 1802 is a clean, farm-to-consumer brand and many of their products come from a historic goat farm. This lip set is available in Pure Goat Milk, Tinted and Untinted options (pro tip: you can use the tinted shades on your cheeks, too). Bonus: Each nourishing balm is individually wrapped so you could technically split them up into four gifts, making it an even sweeter deal.

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3. HP Laptop and Printer 

Sure, you could spend a small fortune on a sleek new 15.6” laptop and a new printer, or you could bundle both—an HSN exclusive—for a fraction of the price. Check out the video description on HSN for all the techy details.

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4. MOB Beauty Palette

In case you haven’t heard of MOB, this clean beauty brand is leading the space with sustainable materials, refillable packaging and a recycling program for used products. They’ve also teamed up with Credo and Hudson’s Bay Company to form Pact, a beauty industry collective on a mission to address the massive environmental impact of cosmetics and skin care packaging by providing a sustainable solution for hard-to-recycle packaging. If that doesn’t already sell you, this creamy, vegan and long-lasting palette might. It contains blush, bronzer, highlighter and two eyeshadows, plus the ability to mix and match shades and refill when you run out. The best part? You get all that for $54. We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent much more than that on those just three of those items. We might just have to keep this one for ourselves…

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5. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Listen up: You won’t find the pro 10-speed stand mixer (that's an HSN customer pick) at this price anywhere else. Plus, with this speed and power, the novice or pro baker can make 9 dozen cookies in a single batch. (Can you tell we’re ready for the holidays?)

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6. Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

Your gift recipient can breathe easier knowing their air—whether it’s in the home office, kids’ playroom or high-traffic living room—is double-filtered and odor- and dust-free with this superior air purifier that eliminates 99.97 percent of particles. And you can rest easier knowing you got it for half what everyone else paid.

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7. Meta Portal Go

Watching cooking videos in the kitchen, getting face-time with family, listening to music or making work calls while using a laptop: This smart display is for the recipient who could use some hands-free assistance. The high-def camera pans and zooms to keep you in frame as you move about the house, and the easy-carry handle makes it easy to chase after toddlers while Nana laughs on the other end of the line.

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8. Ninja Creami Frozen Treat Maker

Whether they have an unquenchable sweet tooth or are an expert chef, they’ll have a blast coming up with creative cold concoctions—think custom flavors or sugar- and dairy-free versions of ice cream, milkshakes, gelato and sorbet. This set comes with five pints and lids for easy storage. For the amount your favorite dessert lover spends on ice cream in a year, this sale price makes perfect sense.


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