12 High-Quality Gifts for Her (So She Can Keep Them Forever and Ever)

The more we shop, the more we see the value in purchasing high-quality things for ourselves. For starters, it's much more sustainable (we waste so much less). And secondly, long-lasting pieces make us truly feel like we're getting our money's worth when we choose to spend. Basically, opting for superior craftsmanship is good for your budget and for the planet, and we're suckers for an all-around win. That’s why we’re shopping for top-quality gifts this year, because we want to pass on the good feelings to those we love. Here, 12 gifts she’ll cherish for the long-haul.

1. A Cashmere Turtleneck

Give the gift of slow fashion in the form of this oversized cashmere turtleneck with...wait for it—pockets! The ultra-soft cashmere comes from family farms in Inner Mongolia and is heirloom quality, meaning she’s going to get a ton of wear from it and still be able to break it out each season like it's brand-new.

2. A Sturdy Market Tote

Get her to ditch those dingy cloth tote bags and carry this spill-proof canvas Cabana bag instead. Not only is it sturdy enough to last, but each one is made of 60 percent recycled materials, including 30 upcycled plastic water bottles, and trimmed with accents made from vegan leather, so she can feel extra good about her new gift.

3. A Cashmere Wrap

Let her cozy up in this versatile 100-percent Mongolian cashmere wrap that looks just as fabulous disguising her PJs on Zoom calls as it does draped over a fancy wedding-guest dress. Plus, it comes in 10 colors, is an ideal travel companion for those freezing-cold flights and takes up practically no space at all when stowed in her closet or purse.

4. The Softest Flannel Pajamas

If there’s one clothing category where we absolutely won’t compromise on quality, it’s the go-to outfit we wear every single night (and, OK, sometimes day). Now she can sleep soundly in these organic-cotton flannel pajamas from Garnet Hill, since the breathable 100-percent cotton flannel from Germany is made to last for all the sweet dreams to come.

5. A Pair Of Leggings That Won’t Stretch Out

These supportive, two-pocket leggings are a favorite for high-intensity workouts and come in a range of inclusive sizing. Plus, they’re designed in soft Nubre fabric made of nylon and spandex that feels like a second skin.

6. A Gold-chain Necklace

This delicate gold chain is meant to last: It’s 14k solid gold and won’t oxidize or discolor, so she can wear it all the time. It’s also recycled gold, so you can feel good that it’s crafted from scrap and post-consumer sources.

7. A Pair Of Cashmere Socks

Does anything scream luxury like slipping on a pair of socks made from the softest Mongolian cashmere? Gift her a stocking stuffer she’ll want to put on from the second she unties the bow.

8. A Fancy Schmancy Blow-dryer

Engineered to quickly dry hair, increase shine, reduce frizz and protect strands from heat damage, you really can’t get better than this supersonic dryer.

9. A Long-lasting Pair Of Cashmere Slides

The politest way to tell her those threadbare slippers just aren’t cutting it? Gift these sleek and cozy cashmere slides. With a padded footbed and suede sole, she won’t have to worry about dashing to the front door for the pizza delivery during an episode of her favorite show.

10. A Hair Brush She Can Hold Onto

We know: Over $100 for a brush?! But if you knew how many she'd had to toss over the years, you might not be so skeptical. It doesn't get any better than Mason Pearson, an iconic British brand that places its brush bristles in a handmade, rubber-cushion pad to gently stimulate scalp circulation.

11. A Personalized Leather Laptop Case

Beloved by literal royals, Smythson has specialized in British hand-crafted leather products for over 130 years. This laptop case is sure to be her trusty travel and work companion for at least that long.

12. A Swiss Coffee Maker

After the sticker shock wears off, it’s hard to say “no” to this gorgeously designed espresso machine—Roger Federer as an ambassador doesn't hurt either. It uses the highest-quality stainless steel and has a proprietary Pulse Extraction Process that optimizes grind and extraction time to under 60 seconds for a barista-level drink in a jiffy.


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