9 Gifts So Good, We Want Them for Ourselves

There’s something so delightfully voyeuristic about taking a peek at someone else’s holiday wish list. It’s a great way to find inspiration for the gifts you have to buy this year (especially when it comes to figuring out what to buy your too-cool cousin who’s TikTok famous). But it’s also a slippery slope because it tends to make our own wish list that much larger. We asked 9 PureWow editors—who spend their days building our fantastic gift guides—to share the best gifts they’ve spotted this season. From a pair of sherpa-lined boots to LED window decorations, here’s what our coworkers will (hopefully) be unwrapping come December.

DKNY shearling ski boot
DKNY/Dasha Burobina

“Dressing for the weather in New England is practically a sport—one must have an option for what feels like endless possibilities,” says Angela Pares, VP Branded Content. “But come winter, high on the list is a pair of boots that will carry me through a few inches of snow and right into dinner with friends, without feeling like I’m Yukon Cornelius. This shearling-lined, lug-sole style from DKNY fits the bill.”

nori iron
Nori/Dasha Burobina

“I spotted this in one of our other gifts guides and I knew I had to have it,” says Editorial Assistant, Delia Curtis. “I am so excited to try it. I asked for it in the pretty sage color and I’m sure it lives up to the hype.”

feed tote bag
FEED/Dasha Burobina

Executive Editor, Candace Davison found that marrying style and substance is the secret to a covetable gift. “I’ve had a FEED tote for years, but I've been eyeing the work bag because it has so many organizing pockets inside. I’ve loved the durability of the brand, and the fact that it provides 50 meals to kids in need,” she says. 

AYR trench coat
AYR/Dasha Burobina

Having just returned from Paris this fall, Special Projects Director, Rachel Bowie, has trench coats on the brain. “This one from AYR looks like the perfect length and keeps selling out, too. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one and this is top of my holiday list!”

falafell earrings
Chefanie/Dasha Burobina

“I’m obsessed with these farfalle earrings from my friend Stephanie’s brand,” says Fashion Editor, Abby Hepworth. “They’re just so fun and cheeky.” Psst, they’re available for pierced ears or clip-on (which makes them even more fun and cheeky).

david yurman ring
David Yurman/Dasha Burobina

Heirlooms are important to Assistant Editor, Destinee Scott so it makes sense that this David Yurman stunner tops her list. “This is something I will always have…probably until I die!”

LED lights
Wayfair/Dasha Burobina

“I’d like a set of these to use as part of my Christmas decorations and then as part of my yardscaping the rest of the year,” says Senior Editor, Dana Dickey. Pretty and practical.

dyson hair dryer
Ulta/Dasha Burobina

“I’m so late to the game on this one, but would love a Dyson Styler complete set,” says Assistant Editor, Stephanie Meraz. “All I can imagine is how much time I’d have in the day not focusing on styling my hair and bangs…just boom. Done in a flash and looking runway-ready all thanks to the magical powers of Dyson. Fingers crossed Santa is feeling generous this year.”

sebago loafers
Sebago/Dasha Burobina

“I've been on a big loafers kick, and I think this pair from Sebago is next on my list. I adore a classic/basic with a weird detail, and the stamped ‘Penny Loafer’ text on the front of these is right up my alley,” says Senior Editor, Sarah Stiefvater. 

angela pares

VP, Design + Branded Content

Angela Pares is the VP of Design + Branded Content at Gallery Media Group, where she oversees the ideation and execution of sponsored content campaigns across PureWow, ONE37pm and...