8 Most Wanted Gifts for Gamers

You’re trendy, hip and definitely up to speed with everything the kids are into these days (you just got a TikTok account, for goodness’ sake). But you’re in over your head when it comes to the wide world of video games. So what to get the gamer who has everything (yes, including the brand-new Call of Duty)? Here, eight perfect gifts for the console-obsessed.

Pdp Energizer Xbox One Controller Charger With Rechargeable Battery Pack

What’s better than one fully charged controller? Two, obviously. This dual charging station comes with an AC adapter plus two Energizer Rechargeable Battery Packs that each last for up to 40 hours of playtime (or ’til dinner time, whichever comes first).

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ Batteries

Don’t forget to include long-lasting power that keeps all their gaming gadgets running smoothly for hours: Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries. From their Xbox controllers to wireless keyboards, everything uses loads of batteries, so drop them into stockings or wrap them up with their gaming gifts. ’Tis the season to be powered up (ya know, until family time calls).

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro Performance Pc Gaming Headset

Video game battles are won and lost on miscommunication errors, so this Bluetooth headset is a must for the serious esports player in your life. The noise-canceling microphone has TruSpeak technology, and the over-ear headphones emit crystal-clear sound thanks to the 50mm Nanoclear speakers. There’s even a way to create a small channel in the ear cup in case said video game player wears glasses. 

Nyko Dpad Case – Dockable Protective Case With Dpad Cover For Nintendo Switch

You paid enough for the Nintendo Switch to know you don’t want to ever replace it because of an accidental crack or spill. Just like iPhones, gaming consoles need protection, which is why this ultra-thin clear plastic case is perfect for Switch owners. The screen and controllers can still detach without removing the hard shell case, and it holds up to three game cards so they’re never without their faves.

Snk Neogeo Mini samurai Shodown Limited Edition Bundle

We haven’t met a gamer (except for, like, the 12-and-under set) that doesn’t have a little (OK, a lot) of nostalgia for retro-style console games. Besides being adorably mini-sized, this clear plastic arcade-style NeoGeo looks and plays like the original Samurai fighting games, but with an HDMI cord to plug into an external TV or monitor (in case their hands get tired from all that joysticking).

Bossin Racing Style Gaming Chair

You want your desk chair back, they want a comfy place to sit and play their games. Enter the Bossin gaming chair, which features an extended footrest, adjustable backrest and ergonomic support, all in wear-resistant leather. Just don’t blame us when you realize how uncomfortable your fancy all-white and rose-gold swivel chair is compared to this one.

Gaems Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

Grandma’s house only has one TV (and it most definitely won’t be used for Xbox). Gamers on the go will want this storage case and high-resolution monitor to carry their console along and play wherever their holiday travels take them.

ninja: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide To Gaming

Fortnite fanatics will recognize the author, Ninja aka Tyler Blevins, as one of the most widely known professional gamers due to his massive YouTube and Twitch following. In his book, out earlier this year, Ninja reveals what he wishes he had known about video games before getting started, and calls it an encyclopedia of “some of the tips and tricks I’ve collected over the years.”


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