15 Gifts That’ll Keep Your Girl Extra Cozy This Winter

Whether it’s for your daughter, niece, cousin, granddaughter or BFF’s kid, you’ve vowed to not get a lame gift this year. (The shame of getting her a doll when she was *so* over dolls still lingers.) Sure, you could scour the internet for hours searching for the best tween gifts, or you could gift her a super adorable set of joggers and matching half-zip sherpa from Athleta Girl that she’ll wear all year long. From versatile layers and matching sets to live-in tights and comfy pullovers, Athleta Girl will have her ready for ballet lessons, an outdoor playdate or just hangin' around with friends. Consider these picks the must-haves at the top of our list for the girl at the top of yours.

Here, the 15 most snuggly gifts for whether she’s braving the cold or cozying up with you on the couch.

cozy gifts 1
Athleta Girl

1. Feelin' Great Hoodie

cozy gifts 2
Athleta Girl

2. Crazy Cozy Wrap 2.0

cozy gifts 3
Athleta Girl

3. So Snug Sherpa Hoodie 2.0

cozy gifts 4
Athleta Girl

4. In Your Element 2.0 Hoodie

cozy gifts 5
Athleta Girl

5. High Rise Chit Chat Tight

cozy gifts 6
Athleta Girl

6. So Snug Sherpa Printed Half Zip

cozy gifts 7
Athleta Girl

7. Feelin’ Great Jogger

cozy gifts 8
Athleta Girl

8. In Your Element 2.0 Hoodie

cozy gifts 9
Athleta Girl

9. Warm Up Jogger

cozy gifts 10
Athleta Girl

10. Wrap 'n Roll Sweatshirt 2.0

cozy gifts 11
Athleta Girl

11. Retroactive Oversized Hoodie

cozy gifts 12
Athleta Girl

12. So Snug Sherpa Half Zip

cozy gifts 13
Athleta Girl

13. High Rise Stash Your Treasures Tight

cozy gifts 14
Athleta Girl

14. Snow Day Down Jacket

cozy gifts 15
Athleta Girl

15. So Chill Beanie


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