10 Better-for-You Food Trends That Defined the Past 10 Years

The past decade has brought plenty of healthier food trends to our tables, whether you’ve adopted a vegan(ish) diet, rejoiced in gluten-free options or embraced environmentally friendly proteins. And throughout those 10 years, Simple Truth has been there for you—this year marks their tenth anniversary, during which they’ve become the leading natural, organic private label brand in the space. That’s why we’re looking back at our favorite food trends from the past 10 years, recipes that’ll bring them to life and the Simple Truth products you’ll need to make them. Think of it as a birthday celebration for our favorite “free from” food brand. Cheers to 10 more!

1. Grains
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What’s old is new again. From quinoa and barley to farro and freekeh, these grains and seeds—which have remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years, hence the name—tend to be less processed and boast more vitamins, minerals and fiber than common grains, like wheat or corn. Diets higher in ancient grains have been linked to health benefits, like improved blood sugar and reduced inflammation and plenty of them are also gluten-free.

Plus—and this goes for all Simple Truth products found both in-store and in this list—their affordable and accessible options are free from over 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth brown rice ancient grains
Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Black Pepper 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice with Ancient Grains

This whole grain rice blend also contains green lentil, millet, red quinoa, sorghum, flax and amaranth for a serving of fiber ready in just 90 seconds.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic® Sprouted Grain and Legume Bread

Low in fat, high in fiber and whole grains, this all-purpose bread contains garbanzo bean flour. Beans in your bread, what a concept!

Simple Truth

Simple Truth® Ancient Grains Vegan White Cheddar Rice Crackers

These snackable crackers are a great gluten-free addition to your next charcuterie board.

2. Fermented Foods
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Love snacking on pickles, eating yogurt for breakfast or sipping on a nice glass of wine? Then you’re no stranger to fermentation. Fermentation means the food is left to sit and steep so its natural sugars and carbs interact with good bacteria, yeast and microbes. Fermented foods contain probiotics that support gut health and are now even more readily available thanks to the popularity of foods like kombucha, kraut and kimchi.

Shop Simple Truth:

simple truth kimchi updated
Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Korean Style Kimchi

Vegan and gluten-free, this fermented, raw kimchi is delicious on everything from eggs and toast to rice (or just for snacking on its own).

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Zero Sugar Lemon Ginger Kombucha

This refreshing beverage contains all the live probiotics you expect from kombucha with none of the sugar.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Jalapeño Lime Kraut

Serve alongside pork chops, on top of tacos or add some spice to your Reubens.

3. Sustainable seafood
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Gone are the days of dubiously processed proteins. The grass-fed meat and responsibly sourced seafoods movement is great for the conscientious consumer—and Simple Truth has plenty of options to choose from. Grass-fed meat has been found to be higher in vitamins A, E and other antioxidants, and also has significantly lower levels of saturated fat compared to grain-fed beef. Meanwhile, Best Aquaculture Practices and Marine Stewardship Council-certified seafood addresses environmental, social, food safety, and animal health and welfare at every step of the production chain.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth raw shrimp
Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Peeled & Deveined Jumbo Raw Frozen Shrimp

Shrimp cocktail anyone? These conveniently peeled and deveined jumbo raw shrimp are BAP- and MSC-certified and contain no antibiotics, no preservatives and no added hormones.


Simple Truth Organic™ Grass-Fed Beef Italian Style Meatballs

Your mama’s meatballs, but better (for you). This flame-broiled, Italian-style beef is 100 percent grass fed and raised with no added antibiotics or added hormones.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

A hot dog you can actually feel good about? It’s possible thanks to these beef dogs free of antibiotics, hormones, filler, gluten and casein.

4. Alternative Milk
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So many milk options, so little dairy. These days, there’s plenty of dairy-free milks to sip on or add to your coffee, cereal, smoothies, baked goods…the list goes on. Whether almond or soy, oat or coconut, Simple Truth has a version that’s sure to become a staple in your fridge.  

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Original Oatmilk Non-Dairy Oat Beverage

Try this oat milk anywhere you would use dairy for a slightly sweeter, still creamy taste.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth® Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

The essence of vanilla, almond and other natural flavors gives your morning coffee an extra-special touch.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic® Coconut Milk

This plant-based, Fair-Trade, organically grown coconut milk is 99.9 percent coconut and contains no added water or sugar, no preservatives and no GMOs for a creamier, richer flavor and texture.

5. plant based protein
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Used to be that vegetarians (or just folks trying to cut down on meat) were stuck with a plate of pasta or boring grilled veggies. Not so these days, thanks to things like tofu, soy and even plant-based cheese. Simple Truth has been at the forefront of this trend, offering tons of plant-based options for the whole family. Think: meatless “chicken” tenders for the kids, tofu curry for you.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic® Extra Firm Tofu

This tasty, organic, extra-firm tofu is surprisingly versatile: Pan fry it, bake it, grill it, or even scramble it.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Meatless Crispy Tenders

Packing 14 grams of plant-based protein and free from over 101 artificial preservatives, your kids will love the taste and you’ll love serving them.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Plant-Based Black Forest Ham Style Deli Slices

All the goodness of a deli sandwich, none of the preservatives. This plant-based meat contains 11 grams of protein and tastes just like black forest ham—but vegan. Pair it with Simple Truth’s non-dairy cheddar style slices for the full sando experience. 

6. Organic Oils
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There’s a lot more to this trend than just organic olive oil (although Simple Truth does have a great version of that, too). These days, we can get plenty of healthy fats and antioxidants from avocado or coconut oil—both of which come with unique flavors you’ll enjoy experimenting with in the kitchen.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Your go-to cooking oil, made less messy. This preservative-free, organic, non-GMO olive oil spray gives off a fine mist that makes it a whole lot easier to coat your pots and pans.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Refined Avocado Oil Bottle

This organically grown avo oil has a slightly grassy, sweet flavor and a higher smoke point than olive oil for cooking on high heat.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

A super-versatile option, this organic, Fair-Trade-certified coconut oil is a great butter substitute, imparts a rich flavor and scent into your baked goods and acts as an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin, lips or hair.

7.All Avocado
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What can we say about the avocado? Whether it’s smashed on toast, served with chips, eaten on its own or added to beauty products, we’re obsessed with the healthy green fruit. Avos are high in fiber and packed with magnesium, potassium, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E, are staple of diets everywhere from veganism to keto and they’re just plain delicious.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Hass Avocados

The OG. These creamy avocados are organically grown, contain no GMOs and as always, are free from preservatives.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Mashed Avocado Single Serve On-The-Go Packs

Take your avocado on the go with these convenient packs. We’re partial to the everything bagel-seasoned variety.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth® Beauty Crate Avocado Coconut & Papaya Effervescent Bath Bombs

Our favorite fruit has made its way to the self-care aisle. This effervescent bath bomb will add a sweet-smelling, moisturizing touch to your bath.

8. natural nut butters
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The PB&Js of our youth have gotten a serious makeover. From almonds to cashews, these new nut butters have the same rich creaminess, all with their own flavors, textures and nutritious benefits. Just be sure to pick varieties free from added sugars or preservatives. That’s where Simple Truth comes in.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth® Smooth Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and magnesium. This delicious option has no added salt or suspicious ingredients. Just give it a stir!


Simple Truth Apple Pie Walnut Nut Butter Bites

If you like eating little spoonfuls of nut butter right from the jar, try these snackable bites made from dates, walnut butter and apple pie spices. No artificial flavors or synthetic colors anywhere.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter

Hear us out: This powdered version has 93 percent less fat and 73 percent fewer calories than regular peanut butter with the addition of delicious cocoa powder. Just add water to make a spread or mix into smoothies, cereal or on top of ice cream.

9. gluten free everything
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A decade ago, gluten and its effects were nowhere near as widely discussed in the food world. Now? There are gluten-free versions of your favorite foods everywhere from restaurants and grocery aisles to your go-to coffee shop. Whether you’re gluten-intolerant or not, there’s no denying these new options are more accessible and taste better than ever.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic® Gluten Free Chickpea Fusilli

Made exclusively from chickpea flour, this pasta is high in fiber, contains 10 grams of protein per serving and has a firm, al dente texture that makes it a great alternative to traditional wheat.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Plant Based Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

Whip up a batch of gooey chocolate brownies made gluten-free thanks to okara (aka soy) flour. Bonus: The flour is upcycled, so your brownies are both yummy and climate friendly.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Uncured Pepperoni Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

Pizza night without the wheat—it does exist. Rice flour and cauliflower combine for a crispy yet pillowy crust, topped off with savory, nitrite-free pepperoni.

Simple Truth fruit and veggie snacks illo
Dasha Burobina

Guilt-free snacking is now possible thanks to smart chips, dips and strips made with various fruits and veggies. Simple Truth has all the new healthier snacking options you’ll want to stock up on. They’re so tasty, your kids will have no idea they’re actually good for them.

Shop Simple Truth:

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Popped Sea Salt Root Veggie Crisps

These popped crisps are totally craveable and loaded with rich, earthy root vegetables and a touch of sea salt. They’re airy, crispy and oh-so-satisfying.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth™ Plant Based Spicy Queso Style Cauliflower Dip

With a savory queso flavor made from cauliflower, red bell and jalapeno peppers, this plant-based dip is ideal for parties and after-school snacks alike. Serve with a heaping portion of veggies.

simple truth fruit and veggie strips
Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic Raspberry & Blueberry Fruit & Veggie Blend Strips

Made with real fruit and vegetable purees, these are bursting with juicy, fruity flavor for a delicious on-the-go snack.

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