The 6 Pieces L.A. Women Can’t Get Through Winter Without

Even though we may not suffer through headline-making snowstorms or torrential floods, we still have winter. (Brrr, it’s in the mid-50s!) Which gives us a chance to layer our separates, wear an actual sweater and otherwise indulge in casual fashion as a departure from our rest-of-the-year yoga pants existence.

patagonia full zip re tool jacket 1

Fleece Topper

The sweet spot of wearing a fleece pullover or jacket is finding a top that’s cuter than ironic normcore (ugly prints) but not quite hungover sorority girl (matchy-matchy pastels). Stick with neutral solids and accessorize with chic jewelry. Above all, avoid causing a rift in the fashion space-time continuum by pairing with sweatpants.

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stripe sweater

Roomy Cashmere

Not only is it exciting to wear actual long sleeves during an L.A. winter, but you may even have an opportunity to layer them with a sweater. (Sometimes even a warm one. At least in the morning.) Super-lightweight cashmere in saturated colors turns a fashion basic into a statement-making outfit focal point.

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Kule ($298)


Everlane ($100)

white jeans

White Jeans

The unofficial uniform of Brentwood is beloved all over town for its sexy-sporty style and rep for playing well with whatever else is in our closet. Worn with a logo T-shirt, they’re fashion; with a bright sweater, they’re classic cheerful. Updated with the latest accessories (like 2018’s Yeezy kicks or a designer belt bag), you can wear a pair of these forever.

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redone jeans

Re/Done ($240)

j crew white jeans

J. Crew ($110)

everlane white jeans

Everlane ($68)

short boots

Short Boots

During the approximately 6.3 rainy winter days we have, you’ll need shoes that cover both your toes and heels—and don’t look like something you’d wear to hike Runyon. Short, flat or chunky-heeled boots are edgy enough to wear with dresses or your usual denim.

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Shoto ($588)

lace up boots

The Great ($425)

knit cap

Knit Cap

Here’s what we understand in L.A.: It doesn’t even have to be cold to wear a beanie. In super-lightweight knits, they’re an Angeleno staple in all but the hottest months. For winter, choose one that’s a little heavier, in wool or cashmere, and in a dark color that says “Even if it’s not below freezing, my head wants to play winter dress-up, OK?”

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denim jacket

Denim Jacket

The layering MVP of Los Angeles, boyfriend-styled jean jackets look super-cool over everything from a post-workout tank top to a silky cami at cocktail hour. Faded, distressed or deep indigo, you’ll want one or more in your closet to throw on—just like those who live in snowy wintertime places huddle under heavy coats.

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Levi’s ($98)

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3x1 ($375)

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Madewell ($175)