When Should I Throw Away My Bra? 15 Signs That Tell You It's Time for a New One


If you’ve ever asked yourself “When should I throw away my bra?” listen up. A great bra works wonders. It lifts, separates and sucks you in in all the right places. That is, unless you’ve been wearing the same one for a few (oh, or maybe even ten) years. Here, 15 signs that prove it’s definitely time to toss it.

1. The Cups Are Misshapen

If they resemble Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour circa 1990, it’s time to go. 

2. There’s A Weird Smell Near The Underarm Area

Yep, the smell that won’t go away, even after you wash it in your salad spinner.

3. You Can Feel Metal Digging Into Your Skin

You didn’t realize a bra could have metal in all of those places? Us either. 

4. When You Can’t Keep It In The Right Place

Is that a belt around your waist? Nope, just your strapless bra. Nothing to see here.

5. If Someone Finding It Would Cause You Major Embarrassment

You’d be wholly mortified if someone rifled through your top drawer.

6. It’s Missing A Piece

One of the hook-and-eye closures is nowhere to be found.

7. You Can’t Tell The Different Between Your Regular Bra And Your Sports Bra

Your best friends ask why you’re wearing a sports bra at 1 p.m. (Not a sports bra.)

8. Are Those Holes?

There are holes in your lace and now weird fat bulges in its place.

9. The Straps Need Constant Re-adjusting

You have to re-adjust the length of the straps at least once a day because that right one just loves to migrate to your elbow.

10. You Start To Notice Red Indentations On Your Body

There are red indentations left on your skin after a normal day of wear.

11. The Color Fades

The fabric used to be a pretty pinkish-nude. It’s now a moldy-looking gray.

12. You Hate Wearing It

After about seven hours, you have to run to the ladies' room and pry the horrible contraption from your body, because the straps are legit causing bruising.

13. Pilling Is Everywhere

You’re pulling little balls of pilling off of it as we speak.

14. The Underwire Has Gone Rogue

Your underwire just shot across the room.

15. It Looks Like You Have One Boob

But, seriously, why does it look like there’s just one big uni-boob in there? 


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