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Madison Williams

A TV Host’s Tips for What to Wear On-Camera (and IRL)

Madison Williams of Minimal Major is an Emmy-nominated TV producer, host and influencer whose days are defined by the word hustle. As determined as she is in her career, she’s equally as intent on staying true to herself throughout the process. We chatted with Madison to get the scoop on how she dresses for TV in a way that allows her authentic style to shine.

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1. Define Your Personal Style

As an on-camera personality who wears many hats, Madison has found her roles inspiring rather than limiting: “My elusive multi-hyphenate career is something I really hustle for seven days a week. Each path is so different, but they complement each other perfectly and allow me to be creative in different ways.

“My style is minimal…but major. Feminine but edgy. And always a little funky. Never just one thing. On-camera, I tend to opt for more tailored looks. I love a bold blazer or a statement dress with heels,” she says. Pro tip: Always choose solid colors (like Madison’s hot pink blazer) over prints, which can be distracting on-screen.

“Off-camera, I’m a little more casual. Jeans and a graphic tee with white sneakers or booties are my go-to for off-duty looks,” she says. “Lately, I’ve also been really into an oversized sweater with biker shorts if I’m on the go.”

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2. Invest in Classic Jewelry

Less is more when it comes to this department. No matter what, Madison wears at least one staple piece that keeps her in check and reminds her of her goals. “I live by the saying ‘If you’re not early, you’re late!’ (Can you tell I’m a Virgo?) So naturally, my Timex watch has become my must-have accessory. I am always on the run, and my worst nightmare is being late, so thankfully it helps keeps me in check.

“This one is from the Celestial Opulence Automatic collection, and every time I look down at those celestial details and Swarovski crystals, it’s a nice reminder to reach for the stars. Since I wear it every day, I find myself checking my phone less. This has been huge in avoiding those mindless social media scrolls (who can relate?). It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but now when I stop to check the time, I pause for a moment and refocus.”

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3. Practice Wearing Confidence

Madison believes that confidence is all about “the way you carry yourself. It’s your smile, your attitude. Shoulders back, head high, hair done (most days).

“Motivating people who might need an extra boost of confidence is actually a passion of mine,” says Madison. “Whether it’s from my fashion tips while hosting, a little pep talk on social media or just a quick compliment in passing, being able to connect and help people feel good is my favorite part of the job. I’ve recently been getting into a little passion project I call ‘Major Mentorships’ (working title). I’ll spend an afternoon with teens who are struggling in school or recent college grads looking to find their way. There are so many things going on during this time in their lives that I’ve gone through myself, and it feels super fulfilling to support the next generation. I just want to spread some empowerment,” she says. To sum it up: Your motivating factors should make you feel good about being you.

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