See Why We’re Dubbing Under Armour’s SlipSpeed the Hottest Sneaker of 2023

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Considering everything we have on our plates these days—work, chores, friend/family obligations, even our commitment to self-care—we’re expected to wear a lot of different hats. So why should our shoes be any different? In 2023, we need versatile, performance-enhancing footwear that’ll support us all the way from running errands to running PRs at the track and beyond. Which is exactly why we can’t stop raving about the new Under Armour SlipSpeed training shoes (and we think you’ll be equally as impressed). Below, all the deets on the hottest new sneakers of the year.

They’re Convertible

We’ve all done it at some point…you’re rushing out the door and can’t be bothered to bend down and fiddle with your laces, so you just slip ‘em on instead. But crushing your heels is a no-no if you want your shoes to last. That’s why the Under Armour SlipSpeed is so great: Simply step through and flatten the heel to go from train mode at the gym to recovery mode at the coffee shop. Then, when it’s time to work out again, pop the securely fit heel back up around your ankle to support peak performance. Voilà: From slip to speed, it’s the best of both worlds.

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They’re Cool and Comfortable

Thanks to UA Flow Cushioning, the SlipSpeed offers unmatched comfort and excellent ground contact and traction, which means no squeaks when you’re running drills, shooting baskets or powering through a HIIT workout. The breathable upper has reinforced supportive material with engineered venting and there’s an Iso-Chill padded interior to keep your feet cool with every movement. Then there’s the BOA lacing system: It gives you a personalized fit, one click at a time, with a 12-point lockdown system—no traditional shoelace-tying necessary. You can tighten it for your toughest training or loosen it up for casual wear. Plus, they come in multiple sleek, on-trend colorways you won’t mind showing off in and outside the gym.

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They’re Adaptable

Under Armour has dubbed the SlipSpeed the most versatile training shoes they’ve ever made. When you’re rocking them, there’s no need to keep a pair of backup shoes in your bag or car. They are, quite frankly, the most quintessentially “on-the-go” shoes you’ll have in your closet. And because you’ll be wearing them pretty much nonstop, you’ll be happy to know they’re machine washable, so it’s easy to avoid that dreaded sweaty sneaker smell. Just be sure to use a laundry bag and let them air dry. 

Now that we’ve given you the rundown, all that’s left is to try the SlipSpeed yourself. Choose your favorite colorway below and start going from slip to speed in a second.

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