It’s the Season for New Sneakers, and TikTokers Are Flocking to DSW for the Latest Trends

Back-to-school season is about so much more than actual school. It’s a transitional time of year for everyone that beckons a refreshed and renewed sense of self, from your state of mind down to the state of your footwear. Emphasis on the latter, as far as TikTok is concerned. Influencers across the board are revealing their sneaker obsessions and preferences, but they all come down to one major shopping key: DSW.

Women like @lola.akw, who take their hot girl walks seriously (as we all should), know that comfort is just as crucial as affordability when it comes to the sneakers they choose to wear. DSW is the perfect place to shop on-trend sneakers from top brands like Reebok. But not just for walking—it’s the place to shop for straight-up fashion too.

From iconic classics like Adidas and New Balance to a modern take on Converse high-tops (the taller the platform, the better), DSW sneakers are endlessly versatile in style. Case in point, the back-to-college looks a la @vivacious.honey, above.

Taking notes on how to style a pair of Pumas, HBU?

And for the cool, stylish women who also happen to be mothers—we can’t think of a better one-stop shop for sneakers that meet you and your kids’ needs. Neither can @alexandra_lourdes and @rachelgomber.

So if you’re ready for some back-to-school style rejuvenation, start from the ground up and shop DSW for all your trendy/affordable/wear anywhere sneaks, just like the TikTok fashion set themselves.

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