The Surprisingly Cool Meaning Behind The Colors You’re Wearing

News flash: There’s more to deciphering color trends than meets the eye (just ask the folks over at Pantone). Indeed, in the same way you choose to wear a statement necklace or an oversized top, your color choice has the ability to capture a glimpse of your mood. We’ve pulled together five of fall’s most popular hues to show you what they convey about you, and your wardrobe.

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If You Want To Exude Confidence, Wear Red

Bold, bright and looks-good-on-literally-everyone, power red is the definitive color of the season. Denoting strength, energy and passion, the shade not only looks great on a midi dress (you’ll get all the compliments), it’s also a meaningful choice for jewelry. Take the legendary jeweler Roberto Coin, for example. He signs each one of his jewels by setting a small hidden ruby inside as a symbol of his love and good wishes to every woman who wears it. Think of it as a little vote of confidence each time you put it on.

marigold color trend
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If You Want To Feel Happier, Wear Marigold

A cheerful shade that Psych Digest confirmed raises blood pressure and pulse (just not to levels of fiery red), yellow accompanies the feeling of joy. It’s thought to be the color of happiness and stands for optimism, warmth and hope. Seems like a cozy sweater in this golden hue might help you to ward off any winter doldrums.

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If You Want To Appear Affluent, Wear Emerald Green

À la the Gucci runway, ’70s colors and prints are “it” this fall. That goes especially for this iteration of green. On the one hand, the color stands for nature, but when presented in this rich tone it stands more for opulence and wealth. Sport it on a velvet blazer and they might mistake you for street style cognoscenti.

pink silk skirt street style
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If You Want To Seem Approachable, Wear Millennial Pink

It’s true: We’re still not over it (it really is that photogenic). And while it’s long been (stereotypically) associated with anything “girly,” like all colors, pink is quite diverse and the level of intensity can impact its meaning. In this case, it conveys a sense of nurturing and tender love of oneself and others (whoa, loaded). But you know what? We kind of love that.

blue velvet suit street style
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If You Want To Feel Calmer, Wear Powder Blue

It’s common knowledge that blue is associated with the sky and water, so it makes sense that the color would make you feel calm. But did you know that it’s also considered trustworthy? A good idea for your next job interview, dinner with the in-laws or high-pressure client presentation.

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