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You wear them every day (hopefully), but is your underwear working for you? Soft thighs? Less-than-firm tummy? Muffin top? There’s a pair right for you, and no, it’s not a thong.

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White Undies 728x9211

Want to Elongate Your Legs?

Try: Invisible boy shorts

It?s counterintuitive, but a super-silky boy short makes your hips just blend right into your leg. And new ultra-thin fabrics mean there?s no dreaded VPL (visible panty line).

DKNY ($12); Calvin Klein ($20); Commando ($28)

PinkPants 728x921

Want to Firm Up a Jiggly Butt?

Try: Control top shorts

In the old days, this would be a girdle. And you?d have to wait all day for proper blood circulation. But today?s lighter-weight control shorts give you just the light hold you want. Plus, they look cute peeking out from under skirts.

Silkies ($13); Rhonda Shear ($22); Spanx ($44)

LowWaistPants 728x524

Want to Flatter Your Long Waist?

Try: Low-waisted briefs

The issue here is that when you sit down, shirts hike up and expose your midsection. Which as often as not, shows your trouser/jeans top riding down and exposing the top of your undies. But low-waisted designs are our secret weapon in the battle to keep our underwear private.

Gap ($13), Hanro ($25), Stella McCartney ($60)

LaceShortsPants 728x524

Want to Stop Thigh Chafing?

Try: Longish control shorts

You know that irritation that happens when your legs rub together on a hot day? Well, thin shorts that stretch halfway down your thigh prevent you from ever enduring that again.

H&M ($20); Asos ($30); Commando ($54)

TorsoShaperPants 728x921

Want to End Muffin Top Once and For All?

Try: A torso shaper

Nobody wants to spill over the top of their jeans. To forever change the look of your mid-section, try a torso shaper under your favorite denim (hide it beneath a cami) or clingy dress. It?s a game changer.

Sculptz ($3); TC ($46); Spanx ($95)

BikiniPants 728x921

Need to Cover Your Butt?

Try: A full-size bikini

Yes, there?s a nation of thong-wearers out there, but you?re more confident when your cheeks are covered. We feel you. And you get to feel some super-silky pants that are sexy without overexposing your rear.

Cosabella ($23); TenUndies ($40); Araks ($62)


Want to Flatten Your Tummy?

Try: High-waisted briefs

Have you always been grateful for granny panties, because coverage? Well, high-waisted briefs, as they’re known in the trade, have gotten prettier and smoother than in your gran’s day--but they still hide that second trip to the buffet like a champ.

Wacoal ($18), Spanx ($24), Wolford ($95)

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