We Couldn’t Tell the Difference Between $40 and $400 Handbags. Can You?

Last summer was all about the straw bag, a surprisingly versatile accessory that took us from the beach to brunch and everything in between. For summer 2019 there isn't just one must-have handbag—there are a whole bunch of them. Sure, you could splurge on one amazing purse to carry through Labor Day (and maybe even longer), or you could spread your budget and try out a few different trends for the same total cost. The best part? The budget-friendly versions look just as chic and fabulous as their higher-end cousins.

Take, for example, these 12 on-trend handbags ranging from $40 through $1,110. Can you tell which is which? Test your handbag knowledge, then scroll to the end for the answer key. Happy guessing...

6 Trends Our Editors Love for Summer (and 4 We’re Ready to Retire)

mini handbags 1 and 2


Big enough for only the essentials: phone, credit card and lip balm.

Get the look: Bag 1; Bag 2

beaded bags 3 and 4


Your middle school self would be over-the-moon excited about this colorful throwback.

Get the look: Bag 3; Bag 4

wooden bags 5 and 6


Like a chic little picnic basket you can carry all day long (the actual picnic is totally optional).

Get the look: Bag 5; Bag 6

structured mini bags 7 and 8


A prim handbag inspired by luggage? Much chicer than a carry-on.

Get the look: Bag 7; Bag 8

transparent pvc bags 9 and 101


You’ll never lose your keys again, guaranteed.

Get the look: Bag 9; Bag 10

net handbags 11 and 12

Woven Nets

Get those beachy vibes no matter where you’re headed…even if your destination is the office.

Get the look: Bag 11; Bag 12

Bag 1:
Topshop ($40); Bag 2: By Far ($625) 

Bag 3: Susan Alexandra ($360); Bag 4: Trouvé ($69)

Bag 5: Cult Gaia ($150); Bag 6: Vince Camuto ($98)

Bag 7: Botkier ($138); Bag 8: The Volon ($1,110)

Bag 9: Vasic ($290); Bag 10: Topshop ($48)

Bag 11: Like Dreams ($55); Bag 12: Loeffler Randall ($207)



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