How a Professional Bra Fitting Had Me Looking (and Feeling) Like a Million Bucks

If you open your bra drawer, it’s like looking at a group of friends: There’s the flirty one, the sporty gal, the business professional, the homebody. And, much like friends, they’re (supposed to be) supportive—always there to hold you up. So why do I hate them so much?

The happiest moment I have with any of my bras is the moment I get home after a long day and finally take it off. (Trust, as a full D cup, not wearing one is not an option.) So when the opportunity to get a professional fitting came along, I figured it was as good a time as any to finally attempt to cure my aversion.

I’ve never had a fitting before. What exactly goes down? If you haven’t heard by now, 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Yikes. The only other fitting I’ve ever had was at the mall when I was in my teens, so as I set out to Macy’s to meet with Sandra, a fit consultant with Wacoal, I had high hopes that she could set things straight.

Sandra started by taking my cup and band measurements. While the band size was what I currently wear, I was shocked by the cup measurement (let’s just say it was much larger than I expected). She then brought in a “fit bra” so she could get an idea of how I actually filled it out. When she handed it to me, I instantly told her it was way too big. I was also reluctant because it didn’t have a contoured cup and was made entirely of lace—the exact opposite of what I currently wear. To my surprise, it fit perfectly and was also extremely comfortable (even with the frills).

How many bras did you have to try on? Over the course of an hour, I tried on at least ten bras in various styles and sizes. Of course you don’t need to try on that many, but as it turned out, the best fitting size wasn’t always the same.

So give us the tips. How do you know if a bra fits properly? First and foremost, it should feel comfortable without having to adjust it for five minutes. Second, the band should sit in the middle of your back, so it should line up right under your boobs and run parallel to the floor. Lastly, you should fill out the cups. Too much of a gap at the top means you need a smaller cup size. Alternately, if you’re spilling out the sides, go up a size.

And…that’s it? Yeah, pretty much. Although it’s a simple process, it was a real eye-opener. “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” is probably the most important lesson I learned. All of my bras were the same exact style: a lightly lined demi cup with underwire. Sandra brought me unlined underwire bras with full coverage, which I admit isn’t exactly the sexiest look, but I was surprised at how much I liked them. Despite the unlined cups, the Wacoal Perfect Primer Full Figure Underwire Bra felt really supportive. I also loved the Wacoal Top Tier Underwire T-Shirt Bra and even found a strapless bra that was so comfortable I wanted to walk out of the store in it.

After my fitting, I immediately texted my mom and sister, “I just had a professional bra fitting and my mind is blown.” Now excuse me while I KonMari my lingerie drawer.


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