Fashion FYI: Maximalist Shoes Are What Every Cool Girl Is Wearing Now

Meet one of the most exciting footwear trends that Pinterest has brought to light: the maximalist shoe. These slides, sandals, heels, loafers and booties have more drama than an episode of RHONY, and we’re here for it. Why let your jewelry have all of the fun when you could be strutting around in these colorful, bejeweled numbers? Here, a few reasons to give ’em a whirl.

And for more inspiration, head to our Pinterest shoes board.

They’re Unexpected

Pearls aren’t just for earrings; they also make these velvet slides a showstopper.

They Have Street-style Gravitas

Rule #1 of bloggers and street-style gals: Always have one standout item. When it’s on your feet, you’ll gain even more cool points.

You Can Make Them Casual

The best way to wear OTT slides? With frayed denim, of course.

Or You Can Wear Them To Work

Finding a demure way to incorporate the trend into your office outfits can be a bit tricky. But not so with embroidered Mary Janes.

embroidered loafers maximalist shoe trends
Whimsical Closet

They’re Surprisingly Versatile

Need your loafers to be preppy? No problem. Want them to also be romantic? Can do.

You Don’t Have To Go Overboard To Get The Effect

If full embellishment feels a little much, go for just a touch on a nude heel to add some color to your look.

They Could Be The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Pair some stunning gilded heels with your gown and you’ll love your wedding photos even more.

But They Can Also Be Flats

Who says shoes with such intricate details need to be fussy? These flat mules let you rock the trend comfortably.

sneakers maximalist shoe trends

Or Even Your New Favorite Kicks

You didn’t think we’d leave the comfiest shoe of all off the list? Embroidered sneakers are a must.

boots maximalist shoe trends

They Make Every Outfit Cooler

A classic bootie unexpectedly studded in pearls? Yes and yes.